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Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping Guide By a4 Auto Transport

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Moving can be an exciting experience. However, it can also turn into an expensive escapade overnight. Hiring a full-service moving company could cost you as little as $500 for local moves and more than $4,000 for cross-country moves. You should keep your budget in mind.

Which other piece of moving advice would you recommend? Using a reputable car shipping company for terminal-to-terminal car shipping. Not only will this save you time and energy, but it’s also the most affordable way to move a car. Here’s what you need to know about how terminal-to-terminal auto shipping works and whether it’s right for you.

Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping: What to Know

Rather than diving into what terminal-to-terminal auto shippers do in more detail, let’s discuss your car shipping options first. When it comes to car carriers, you’ve got three choices:

  1. Enclosed car carriers: Enclosed car carriers are the most expensive option. Therefore, they’re usually reserved for collector, vintage, and exotic cars.
  2. Open car haulers: Open carriers are today’s standard carriers. Combined with terminal transportation, they remain one of the most cost-effective options. However, your car will not be protected from weather, gravel, dirt, and other elements associated with highways and freeways. Almost 90 percent of automobiles are transported this way, and it is a great option for daily drivers and commuter cars.
  3. Flatbed auto transports: The transportation of vehicles over flatbeds is exceedingly rare. Therefore, it’ll cost you more than other options. You should also expect longer wait times throughout every step of the process, from dispatch to pick up and transport.

What Is Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping?

Term-to-terminal auto transport is a service that begins and ends at a terminal. A terminal is a sort of regional storage facility for cars. They are usually located in large urban centers. In comparison with door-to-door shipping, terminal-to-terminal shipping proves less convenient.

Why? Since your car will not be picked up and delivered to the two addresses you stipulate, you will have to arrange to have it delivered and picked up from terminals.

Usually, these facilities are located in or near major cities. In other words, the trucker that you work with just transports your car between terminals.

Terminals will be assigned near your two specified locations. However, if you live in a rural area, this fact could result in significant travel time. For this reason, it is less attractive. However, it remains the most cost-effective way for consumers to transport their cars.

Why? This makes driving easier for drivers, as well as allows them to group together shipments going to the same destination. It also saves them a lot of time on each delivery. Ultimately, you’ll benefit from these conveniences.

When Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Shipping Makes Sense

What’s more important to you: keeping a specific budget or convenient pickup and delivery? Terminal-to-terminal shippers may be the best choice for you if it’s all about the money.

It may be as simple as setting up meetings at times and places that are convenient for both you and your driver. This way, you can avoid terminals altogether.

Although meeting points won’t be as close to your residence as door-to-door shipping, if you live in a big city, there are likely to be several convenient places to meet up.

Advantages of Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Transport

You’ll have greater flexibility when it comes to dropping off and picking up your vehicle. In fact, you can drop off your car far in advance, which will make the move that much easier for you.

Do you have a damaged or non-running vehicle? Usually, towing and forklift services will be required. Additionally, if you need a place to store your car until you can pick it up again, going the terminal route can help.

Disadvantages of Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport

Furthermore, terminal to terminal car shipping has significant drawbacks that contribute to its declining popularity.

  • The transportation from terminal to terminal is more complex since full loads are required before they can be picked up. A vehicle that has been lifted or modified cannot be transported by the company transporting your vehicle.
  • At both terminals, this type of car transport goes unattended, which is problematic. As a result, it is more susceptible to accidental damage and environmental harm.
  • Moreover, your car is more likely to be the victim of vandalism and theft. Therefore, we recommend removing all personal belongings before shipping any automobile.
  • In addition, terminals can only handle a certain amount of cargo.

Since terminal-to-terminal transportation has a number of disadvantages, most consumers opt for the more convenient, open door-to-door route.

Door-to-door car delivery reduces the time it takes to deliver a car. If, however, you don’t mind dropping off and picking up your vehicle from a terminal and exposing it to potential hazards, you may find this method convenient.

Is Terminal-to-Terminal Car Transport Right for You?

In the end, terminal-to-terminal car shipping is a fantastic option for those who need to drop off and pick up their vehicles on specific dates and at specific times. These meetings can be set up without the need to coordinate with a driver. Apart from not having to wait for pickup and delivery, the terminal provides a convenient place to store your vehicle.

What if you can’t drop off your vehicle at the terminal? Does that mean you can’t take advantage of the savings? Certainly not. Obtain information from auto shipping companies about the possibility of engaging a local towing company to drop off your vehicle. Having excellent local connections, many shipping companies are well positioned to help.

5 Best Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping Companies

Safe & Secure

autostar transport express

AutoStar Transport Express


4.5 Rating


montway auto transport

Montway Auto Transport


4.1 Rating


road runner



4.0 Rating


a1 auto transport

A1 Auto Transport


4.2 Rating


crestline auto transport

Crestline Auto Transport


3.5 Rating

Car Shipping CompaniesBBBTrust PilotTransport ReviewsGoogle MyBusinessOverall RatingDetail
AUTOSTAR TRANSPORT EXPRESS4.8/55/54.3/59/10Get Quote
MONTWAY AUTO TRANSPORT4.51/54.5/54.6/54.5/59/10Get Quote
ROADRUNNER AUTO TRANSPORT1.5/52.5/54/54/58/10Get Quote
A-1 AUTO TRANSPORT 3.35/52.0/51/53.1/58/10Get Quote

1. AutoStar Transport Express

AutoStar Transport Express Company with a proven track record of providing reliable and secure transportation services for more than 13 years to every state in the USA and Internationally. Largest network of state to state car shipping.

AutoStar Transport Express gives proficient vehicle transport services, quality-driven, and reasonable vehicle dispatching solutions in Alaska. AutoStar began as a moderately small vehicle delivering company, yet over the most recent 13 years, have prospered and got one of the main auto vehicle suppliers in the United State.

AutoStar just utilize the best vehicle carriers and deal with all your coordination’s whether you need homegrown or global vehicle transportation. And Auto Star Transport Express has solid experience of vehicle delivery to Alaska with 1000+ surveys on Google and

+ International Services

+  International shipping

+ Affordable Prices

 Guaranteed pickup dates

 Expedited Shipping

2. Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport is one of the most reputable car shipping company in Alaska. The shipping services offered by Montway Auto Transport are typically cheaper than those offered by competitors because of their relationships with over 15,000 vetted carriers.

Montway Auto Transport is one of the most popular auto transport brokers in the Alaska car shipping industry. The company provides standard shipping services, including open and enclosed transport, and several optional services like door-to-door transport, guaranteed pickup dates, expedited shipping, and Alaska car shipping, for an additional cost. The car shipper does not currently offer terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Montway Auto Transport works with over 15,000 vetted carriers to provide affordable shipping services, which are regularly lower than competitors’. Here are a few sample quotes received from Montway Auto Transport for an operable 2018 Honda CR-V using door-to-door delivery service.

+ Door to Door Car Shipping

+ Strong customer satisfaction and industry ratings

+ Free vehicle shipping insurance

No shipping services for recreational vehicles or personal watercraft


When you need to transport a car to or from  Alaska, you need an experienced  Alaska auto transport company you can rely on. For over 30 years, Road Runner Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable  Alaska auto transport for both individual and business clients.

Road Runners robust systems enable us to continually assess the strengths of various carriers and monitor prevailing market rates. No matter what their transportation needs,  Alaska clients trust that they can rely on us to provide the best possible solution and know that the culture of continuous process improvement will deliver the added value they deserve. Road Runner customers rely on its comprehensive knowledge of import and export processes and regulations that enables us to design custom, cost-effective, end-to-end international transportation solutions for any size load.

+ Cost effective

+ Flexibility

+ Excellent customer service


  No Rural Service

4. A1 Auto Transport

A-1 Auto Transport is one of the largest USA-based worldwide auto shippers in the industry. A1 have offices and storage facilities located in major cities and metro areas throughout the U.S and overseas, as well as a staff of experienced shipping professionals to make sure you get the service you need at a price that you’ll love. 

The longer the distance, the more factors come into play during auto transportation. Once you cross over to another state, though shipping your car isn’t a problem, you must first make sure it meets the legal requirements there. You may also need a new driver’s license if you’re moving permanently.

A1 Auto Transport can ship your car to any part of the US, as well as to another country. To transport an antique or luxury vehicle to or from Miane, clients are usually looking for the highest level of safety and speed A1 Auto Transport can offer. For this reason, A-1 auto transport recommend its enclosed auto carriers. They are a bit more expensive, but they’re also superior in every other way.

+ No deposit upfront to schedule

+  International shipping

+ Affordable Prices

No first responders and medical personnel


Crestline Auto Transport is a trusted auto transport company in  Alaska. The company does not require any upfront deposits, and its fees are free of hidden costs. 

 Alaska Auto Shipping is a car shipping broker with access to some of the most trusted carriers in the industry.  Alaska Auto Shipping transports vehicles door-to-door at no extra cost to customers, and its team is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Each quote is handled by its trained transport specialists, not a computer algorithm, to make sure no discount or detail is overlooked. Alaska Auto Shipping does not charge a deposit until your vehicle is picked up.

Some auto shipping companies offer door-to-door service, which is when the company picks up and drops off your automobile at your doorstep. This option is more expensive, but it saves making trips to and from the regional storage centers where the car would be shipped otherwise.

+safe, and stress-free experience.

+The Leader In The Auto Transport Carrier

+Integral Management

+Economical Tailor-Made Solution

More expensive

Can be more time consuming

Local roads may not permit the truck’s access