Getting from one place to another in a car is a simple task. However, transporting your car from one location to another can be more challenging at times. In the modern era, the importance of efficient car shipping companies in the US cannot be overstated. As our world becomes more interconnected, these services play a crucial role in bridging geographical gaps, catering to the escalating need for transporting vehicles across the nation.

Among the frontrunners in the realm of car shipping, a few names stand out prominently.

Topping the list is “AutoStar Transport Express” renowned for its 92,100 positive reviews from more than 21 platforms, competitive pricing, and provide multilingual assistance. 

Following closely is “Montway Auto Transport,” earning praise for its discounts for military personnel and repeat customers.

Rounding off the top ranks is “Amerifreight,” recognized for its AFta insurance plans, and efficient handling of all vehicle types.

Last but not least is “Sherpa Auto Transport,” which provides guaranteed prices.

Why Trust Our Team

Our team consists of skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the auto transport sector. With 3+ years of experience working with various companies, we have gained a deep understanding of what it takes to provide exceptional services.

We conducted in-depth research and analysis to ensure that the information we provide to our visitors is precise, relevant, and up-to-date. You can rely on us to deliver reliable and trustworthy information about the car shipping industry.

Premier Partners: Our Top-Rated Car Shipping Companies


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15+ Years
Montway logo

Montway auto transport

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AutoStar Transport Express

Autostar transport express
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Our team was impressed from AutoStar Transport Express, as they provide auto transport services with all the car shipping and auto transport options. They support all vehicle options, all transport modes across the country. They offers a range of auto transport benefits to put your mind at ease.

Customer Service: With solid consumer reviews and an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), AutoStar Transport Express has earned a reputation in customer services by getting 92100 positive clients reviews from more than 21 platforms. 

Discounts and Flexible Payments: hey offer discounted cash pricing and even rental car reimbursement if, for any reason, they fail to deliver your vehicle within 14 days of your expectations. Moreover, if your car gets dirty during transportation on an open transport trailer, they offer a free car wash.

Insurance: They provides adequate insurance coverage for your Vehicle. They take protecting your vehicle one step further by working with certificate holders on the insurance of the carriers only. 

All Types of Shipping: They cover shipping for all types of vehicles, from light to heavy-duty equipment, as well as RVs, offering both domestic and international services. 


  • Operating a fleet of 20,000 specialized car transporters.
  • Over 16 years of industry expertise and knowledge.
  • Special discounts for military, students and repeat customers.
  • Multilingual assistance available in both English and Spanish.
  • Competitive prices are offered.
  • Works with a network of licensed and insured carriers.


  • 24/7 service not available. Available in limited office hours.
  • No mobile app.
AutoStar Transport Express offers a wide variety of car shipping services. With its enclosed containers, they also specializes in classic car shipping by protecting prized vehicles from the elements during transport, other services including
  1. Open and enclosed transport.
  2. Shipment tracking.
  3. Multi-car transport.
  4. Door-to-door delivery.
  5. Expedited transport.
  6. Motorcycle shipping.
  7. Shipping to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  8. International shipping
AutoStar Transport Express has a large network of carriers that allows customers to compare rates and choose the best option for their shipping needs.
  • Customers on the transport reviews rated AutoStar Transport Express an excellent rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 stars from more than 1,269 customer reviews.
  • It has won several awards for their customer service, including the “Best Customer Service” award from Transport Reviews.
  • Customers on the rate AutoStar Transport Express an average of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars from more than 2,300 customer reviews.
  • Montway Auto Transport

    montway car shipping
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    Our review team was impressed by Montway’s car shipping services, customer service,  and discounts the company offers. Below you will find what makes Montway stand out from its competitors:

    Customer service: Montway has extended service hours, where representatives are available every day from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. Montway’s customer service has received some of the highest customer review ratings on websites like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot and Google.
    Discounts and flexible payments: Montway offers plenty of discount options that lower the company’s below-average industry rates even further. For example, Montway customers aren’t required to make upfront payments. Yet for customers who are willing to pay some money upfront, Montway offers a discount for paying the remainder in cash.
    Insurance: All carriers that work with Montway are licensed, thoroughly vetted and must carry a minimum of $100,000 in cargo insurance. In case there is a denial of the carrier’s policy, the standard carrier insurance is backed up by Montway’s $250,000 policy, which is included in your shipping price.

    On the other side, Montway does not offer transportation services for RVs, campers, or boats. Secondly, the cost estimate provided is not a binding quote. Thirdly, once your order is handed over to the carrier, a $199 cancellation fee will be applicable.


    • Offers a wide range of shipping services, including open and enclosed transport.
    • Special discounts for military personnel and repeat customers.
    • Competitive pricing offered.
    • Enjoy a great reputation among customers.


    • Pricing is not guaranteed.
    • Strict cancellation policy If you cancel, there will be a minimum fee of $199.
    • No transportation services for RVs, campers, or boats.

    Almost similar to Sherpa, Montway does not ships ATVs, recreational vehicles, boats or campers. Instead, Montway specializes in providing quality transportation services specifically for automobiles. The auto transport broker offers a wide range of shipping services, including:

    1. Open and enclosed transport.
    2. Shipment tracking.
    3. Multi-car transport.
    4. Auto shipping to the 50 states.
    5. Door-to-door shipping
    • Montway has been recognized for their excellent customer service by winning the “Best Customer Service” award from Transport Reviews in 2023.
    • It has an excellent 4.5 star rating out of 5.0 on BBB also.

    Amerifreight Auto Transport

    ameri freight logo
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    AmeriFreight stands out in our experts team due to its unique pricing model. This approach offers a higher level of customization, empowering customers to select options that precisely match their requirements. However, the only drawback of this flexibility is that it may create confusion for some customers who find it challenging to determine the most suitable option for their specific needs.

    Guarantee Pricing: While expensive, it guarantees pricing without post-quote increases, saving you money compared to other auto transporters. Your car can be shipped within 24 hours.

    Priority: AmeriFreight gets you lower rates by having carriers bid against each other, choosing the lowest price after a set time.

    Economical: Choose this for the cheapest option, even if delivery speed is sacrificed. Carriers bid on your shipment for weeks, starting with a very low rate that gradually increases until an affordable bid is made.


    • AmeriFreight has a good reputation for customer service and support.
    • AmeriFreight offers AFta insurance plans.
    • They offer discounts to military members, first responders, and students.
    • Car can be shipped within 24 hours.


    • Limited options available for international shipping.
    • If you cancel, there will be a minimum fee of $199.
    • Guaranteed quotes are only available.

    Amerifreight Auto Transport provide you the following services:

    1. Open and enclosed shipping.
    2. Expedited shipping.
    3. Auto transport to all 50 states.
    4. Ships to limited international destinations (mostly Canada).
    5. Ships automobiles, motorcycles, boats, RVs and ATVs.
    6. Terminal shipping upon request.
    7. Insurance coverage.
    AmeriFreight Auto Transport has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers.

  • Customers give the car shipping company an average review rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on the BBB website, while the company has accreditation and an A+ rating from the BBB itself.
  • The company holds a 4.7 star rating out of 5.0 on Google, with more than 3,200 reviews.
  • Sherpa Auto Transport

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    Our team ranked Sherpa 4th as Sherp Auto Transport have the following featured services:

    Price Lock Promise: Sherpa Auto Transport stands out among car shipping companies due to its Price Lock Promise, ensuring that the initially quoted rate remains unchanged. If the rate goes higher, they compensate customers with $300. This guarantee provides security and peace of mind for those concerned about sudden price increases.

    Clean Car Guarantee:  Upon vehicle arrival at the destination, the company will cover the cost of a car wash, ensuring customers receive their cars in pristine condition.

     Insurance Coverage: Sherpa prioritizes safety with $1 million in commercial auto liability and $100,000 in cargo insurance coverage for all carriers they work with. Furthermore, they facilitate the insurance claiming process by being included as a policy holder on carriers’ insurance policies. This emphasis on insurance coverage assures customers of protection during transportation.


    • Prices guaranteed up to $300 over estimated quote.
    • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
    • Excellent customer service.


    • No motorcycle or ATV shipping.
    • Shipping services do not extend to Alaska or Hawaii.
    • Customer should make a call for estimated price.

    Similar to Montway, Sherpa Auto Transport is not a generalist that deals with various types of vehicles like ATVs, recreational vehicles, boats, or campers. Instead, Sherpa focuses solely on delivering top-notch transportation services exclusively for automobiles. As an auto transport broker, they offer a diverse array of shipping options such as open and enclosed transport, shipment tracking, multi-car transport, shipping to the 48 contiguous states, door-to-door service, and three-day pickup windows. This specialization ensures that customers receive specialized and reliable car shipping solutions.

  • It holds a 4.7-star rating out of 5.0 on Google based on over 1,200 reviews.
  • This company has a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 1,200 reviews.
  • Sherpa has also been recognized for their customer service by winning the “Best Customer Service” award from in 2021.
  • Overview: Best Car Shipping Companies in 2023

    Our Methodology:  Selecting the Best Car Shipping Companies

    To select the top car shipping companies, we conducted extensive research and analysis of various companies in the auto transport industry.

    We considered factors such as customer reviews, pricing, insurance coverage, shipping options, and delivery times. We also looked at each company’s experience, reputation, and customer service.

    Based on our findings, we narrowed down the list to the top car shipping companies that met our criteria for quality service and customer satisfaction. Our selection process was thorough and aimed at providing you with accurate and reliable information about the best enclosed car transport companies.

    How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

    Average Cost of Shipping A Car

    The average cost of shipping a car across the country is $1,850. However, such long-distance moves are relatively uncommon. In reality, the cost to ship your car can vary significantly, ranging from as low as $0.80 – $1 per mile to as high as $3 – $4 per mile. The final amount you pay depends on several factors, some of which you may have control over, while others are beyond your control.

    The average Cost of Ship a Car Open/Enclosed Carriers
    Lowest Cost
    Minimum $300 - $900 for an open carrier and enclosed carrier
    Average Cost
    Minimum $700 - $1,500 for an open carrier and enclosed carrier
    Highest Cost
    Maximum $1,500 - $2,500 for an open carrier and enclosed carrier

    Estimated Cost to Ship a Car

    The cost to ship a car varies depending on several factors, such as the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, the type of vehicle being shipped, the shipping method, and the time of year.

    Distance in Miles Estimated Open Carrier Cost Estimated Closed Carrier Cost
    0-500 Miles
    500-1,000 Miles
    1,000-1,500 Miles
    1,500-2,000 Miles
    2000+ Miles


    It is to be note that these are estimated costs and can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of vehicle being shipped, the time of year, and the specific car shipping company’s pricing and services. It’s crucial to get quotes from multiple companies and compare their pricing, reviews, and services to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

    What Factors Affect Car Shipping Cost?

    Several factors can influence the cost of shipping a car. Here are some key factors that can affect car shipping costs:

    Distance: The distance between the pickup location and the destination in California plays a significant role in determining the shipping cost. Longer distances usually result in higher transportation fees.

    Vehicle Size and Weight: The dimensions and weight of the vehicle are important considerations. Larger and heavier vehicles may require specialized equipment or trailers, leading to increased shipping costs.

    Vehicle Condition: The operational condition of the vehicle can impact the cost. Non-operational vehicles may require additional equipment or handling, which can increase the price.

    Shipping Method: The choice between open car shipping and enclosed car shipping will affect the cost. Enclosed shipping, providing more protection, is generally more expensive than open shipping.

    Season and Demand: The time of year and demand for car shipping services can influence costs. High-demand periods, such as during summer or holidays, may result in higher prices due to limited carrier availability.

    Pickup and delivery locations: The specific locations for pickup and delivery can affect costs. Remote or less accessible areas might incur additional charges or require special arrangements.

    Additional Services: Optional services like expedited shipping, door-to-door delivery, or insurance coverage may come with extra fees that impact the overall cost.

    Market Fluctuations: Economic factors, fuel prices, and other market conditions can influence car shipping rates. Fluctuations in the industry can lead to changes in pricing.

    Factors to Consider: Choosing Best Car Shipping Companies

    Factors to Consider

    When choosing the best car shipping company, consider reputation, experience, licensing, insurance, services offered, costs, shipping methods, delivery timeframe, tracking, customer support, communication, contracts, and recommendations.

    By evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision for a smooth and reliable auto transportation experience.

    How Do Car Shipping Companies Work?


    Car shipping companies operate by providing transportation services for vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and trucks, from one location to another. The process typically involves several key steps:

    • Requesting a Quote: Customers inquire about the shipping cost, providing vehicle details and locations.
    • Booking the Service: After accepting the quote, customers book the shipping with pickup and delivery instructions.
    • Vehicle Inspection: The company inspects the vehicle, noting existing damages for documentation.
    • Choosing the Shipping Method: Customers choose between open or enclosed transport options.
    • Pickup and Loading: A carrier picks up the vehicle and securely loads it onto the trailer.
    • Transportation and Tracking: The vehicle is transported, and customers receive updates on its location.
    • Delivery and Inspection: Upon arrival, the carrier unloads the vehicle, and both parties inspect it.
    • Finalizing the Transaction: After settling payments, the shipping process is complete.

    What are the Different Ways To Ship A Car?

    Company 10+ years experience Extra insurance coverage Details
    Company Image
    Guardian Auto Transport
    Yes N/A
    Company Image
    American Auto Shipping
    Yes Yes
    Company Image
    Yes Yes
    Company Image
    Sherpa Transport Express
    NO Yes
    Company Image
    Montway Auto Transpot
    Yes Yes

    Enclosed Car Shipping Vs Open Car Shipping Methods

    • Fully enclosed and protected environment for vehicle transportation.
    • Specially designed trailers or containers are used.
    • Protects vehicles from weather, road debris, and potential hazards.
    • Ideal for high-value, luxury, classic, and exotic vehicles.
    • Soft tie-downs and padded interiors prevent scratching or movement.
    • Suitable for long-distance or cross-country transport.
    • Provides peace of mind for owners of valuable automobiles.
    • Vehicles transported on open trailers.
    • Vehicles are exposed to external elements throughout the journey.
    • Cost-effective solution for transporting multiple vehicles.
    • Commonly used for standard and everyday cars.
    • Susceptible to weather-related damages and road debris.
    • Preferred by car dealerships and manufacturers for efficiency.

    Pros and Cons of Enclosed Car Shipping

    • Provides full risk protection.
    • Reduced risk of damage.
    • Customized handling.
    • Higher repair costs.
    • Cost.
    • Limited availability.
    • Longer transit times.
    • Limited capacity.

    Pros And Cons of Open Car Shipping

    • Cost-effective solution.
    • Transport multiple vehicles.
    • Higher availability.
    • Best for shorter distances.
    • Vehicles are exposed.
    • Limited protection.
    • Less secure.
    • Potential risk of road debris.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping A Car

    Not Researching Car Shipping Companies: Look for reputable companies with positive customer reviews and ethical business practices. Check ratings from sources like the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs.

    Failing to Compare Quotes: Obtain estimates from multiple companies to find the best pricing. Provide specific details about your vehicle, shipment plan, and trailer type for accurate quotes.

    Falling for Overly Cheap Deals: Avoid choosing a company based solely on low prices. Questionable ethics and poor service may compromise the safety of your vehicle.

    Leaving Personal Items in Your Car: Remove all personal belongings from your vehicle before shipping to avoid additional weight charges and liability for damages.

    Waiting Until the Last Minute: Plan and book in advance to secure better pricing, availability, and quality service from car shipping companies.

    Booking During Peak Season: Avoid busy periods, such as summertime and the start of the new year, to save money and have more carrier options.

    Opting Out of Insurance: Purchase adequate insurance coverage for potential damages or accidents during transport, as your car insurance may not fully protect you.

    Not Recording Damages: Document your car’s condition before shipping with detailed photos and notes. This will help hold the shipping company responsible for any new damages.

    Lack of Preparation: Keep confirmation details, comply with terms and conditions, and have proper documentation and payment ready for a smooth car shipping process.

    5 Reasons to Ship Your Car vs. Buy New

      Checkmark Cost Savings Checkmark Vehicle Familiarity Checkmark Avoiding the Car Buying Process Checkmark Emotional Attachment
    Car Shipping

    How to Save Money Shipping a Car

    Here are some ways to save money when shipping a car:

      Checkmark Compare quotes Checkmark Choose open transport Checkmark Book in advance Checkmark Be flexible with dates Checkmark Consider terminal-to-terminal shipping Checkmark Remove personal items Checkmark Prepare the vehicle Checkmark Seek discounts Checkmark Review insurance coverage

    Car Shipping Broker vs. Carrier

    When it comes to transporting your vehicle, whether it’s a car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle, you have two main options: using an car shipping broker or working directly with a carrier. Both options offer distinct benefits and considerations, and choosing the right one can make a significant difference in the efficiency and safety of your vehicle’s transportation.

    What is a Car Shipping Broker?

    Car shipping broker acts as an intermediary between you, the vehicle owner, and the carrier. Brokers work with a network of carriers, negotiating and facilitating the transportation process on your behalf.

    They have access to multiple carriers, providing you with a range of options based on your specific requirements. Brokers take the stress out of finding a suitable carrier and handle all the logistics, paperwork, and communication, ensuring a smooth shipping experience.

    What is a Car Shipping Carrier?

    Car shipping carrier is a company that directly transports your vehicle from one location to another. Carriers own the trucks and equipment used for shipping and are responsible for the physical movement and delivery of your vehicle.

    Advantages of Car Shipping Brokers and Carriers

    Advantages Car Shipping Brokers Car Shipping Carriers

    Access to Multiple Options

    Brokers work with a wide network of carriers, providing you with multiple options to choose from based on your needs and preferences.
    Carriers handle the shipping directly, offering a straightforward option with direct communication.

    Competitive Pricing

    Brokers can negotiate deals and discounts with carriers, potentially securing more competitive pricing for your vehicle transportation.
    Working directly with carriers eliminates intermediary costs, potentially providing more budget-friendly options.

    Time-Saving and Convenient

    Brokers handle all the logistics, paperwork, and communication, saving you time and effort in finding and arranging the transportation.
    Carriers offer direct communication, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication and streamlining the process.

    Expertise and Guidance

    Brokers are seasoned professionals with industry knowledge, offering valuable guidance and addressing any concerns throughout the process.
    Carriers may specialize in transporting specific vehicle types, ensuring expertise in handling certain vehicles.

    Single Point of Contact

    Brokers act as a single point of contact, coordinating with carriers and providing updates, keeping you informed throughout the transportation.
    Working directly with carriers means direct communication with the company handling your vehicle, enhancing clarity.


    In conclusion, when it comes to shipping your car, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable and reliable car shipping company.

    We’ve provided you with a list of the top 5 car shipping companies in 2023, as well as important factors to consider when choosing a company and ways to save money on shipping. Whether you’re moving across the country or overseas, there’s a car shipping option that will meet your needs and budget.

    By following our tips and selecting a trusted car shipping company, you can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in good hands.


    Car shipping is the process of transporting vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, or trucks, from one location to another, typically over long distances. It involves using specialized carriers that securely load and transport the vehicles. Car shipping services cater to individuals relocating, buying or selling vehicles online, or needing to move their cars safely across the country or internationally.

    Same day car transport is a specialized service provided by car shipping companies that aims to pick up and deliver a vehicle on the same day. It is ideal for urgent situations, offering swift and efficient transportation solutions for last-minute purchases, emergency relocations, and other time-sensitive needs. Availability may vary based on the shipping company’s capacity and the distance between pickup and delivery locations.

    Car shipping typically involves hiring a professional car shipping company to transport your vehicle from one location to another. The company will arrange for a carrier to pick up your vehicle, load it onto a trailer, and transport it to the designated destination. The specifics may vary depending on the company and the type of service you choose (open or enclosed transport).

    The time it takes for car shipping depends on various factors, including the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, the route, and any specific requirements you have. Typically, car shipping within the same country can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. International car shipping may take longer due to additional logistics involved.

    The cost of car shipping depends on factors such as the distance, vehicle type, transport type (open or enclosed), time of year, and any additional services you require. It’s best to request quotes from different car shipping companies to get an accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

    Reputable car shipping companies provide insurance coverage for your vehicle during transportation. It’s essential to clarify the insurance details with the shipping company before finalizing the agreement. Make sure to review the insurance policy and ask any questions you may have to ensure you understand the coverage provided.

    Before shipping your car, it’s recommended to wash it thoroughly and document any existing damages or scratches. Remove any personal items and make sure the fuel tank is no more than a quarter full. Disable or deactivate any alarm systems and provide the necessary keys to the shipping company.