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During transportation, an enclosed car shipping service ensures maximum protection for your vehicle. Your vehicle will be completely protected from all outdoor elements when shipped on an enclosed car carrier.

You may want to choose enclosed car transport if your classic or brand new car is at risk of being damaged during open transportation.

In this article, we will discuss factors that make enclosed transportation more favorable.  

What is enclosed auto transport?

Enclosed car transport provides enhanced vehicle safety with ramps almost level with the ground and a customized hydraulic system for loading and unloading luxury vehicles. Choosing enclosed auto transport is an excellent decision for shipping high-value, classic, or expensive cars. It ensures the utmost protection and security during the transportation process.

Is enclosed transportation affected by the weather?

It is also important to consider the weather when choosing an auto transport method. The enclosed carrier is a great choice if you are shipping in winter. 

Enclosed carriers are more expensive than open carrier, but if you want to avoid issues caused by bad weather, enclosed carriers are better.

Is enclosed car transport right for you?

A covered car transport service provides greater security and additional protection than other options (such as open carriers).

Not only will the vehicle be protected from weather, rocks and other road debris, but it will also be hidden from prying eyes. In enclosed car transport, any unwanted passersby cannot access or tamper with the vehicle. It is especially important when shipping classic, rare, or high-value cars.

How Much Does an Enclosed Carrier Cost?

The average cost of enclosed auto carriers is between $1.25-$1.75 per mile, twice the amount of an open auto transport, depending on the type of vehicle and where it is being transported.

As well as weather and fuel costs, time of year is also a factor to consider when determining a competitive enclosed car transport price.

Why Enclosed Transport Is More Expensive

You might have noticed that enclosed auto transport costs more than open transport if you compared rates. In this case, there are a few reasons.

The lower number of enclosed auto carriers on the road contributes to enclosed car transport’s higher costs. There are fewer enclosed carriers available than open carriers, so you may need to request an enclosed carrier earlier to get the dates you want.

It is cheaper to buy open carriers than enclosed carriers and terminal-to-terminal for drivers. Enclosed carriers are not common because of their high cost.

What are the Types of Enclosed Trailers?

Transporting sporty or luxurious cars is best accomplished with single-vehicle enclosed trailers. Over short distances, this option is well-suited.

Multi-vehicle trailers with one level accommodate two to five vehicles and are ideal for short and long distances. It takes less time to load and unload than enclosed multilevel multicar haulers.

Multilevel enclosed multi-car trailers are large enclosed carriers that are popular for shipping seven cars across the country.

A hard-sided enclosed trailer has steel or aluminum walls, providing the ultimate level of protection for the vehicles inside.

Time of year

There are a number of factors that affect car shipping rates throughout the year. During the summer, for instance, there is an increase in demand, which results in higher prices.

During the winter, however, car shipping is less popular in most parts of the country, but snow and ice can cause significant delays.

Benefits of Covered Shipping

  • Double safety means the truck is boxed and properly closed. Therefore, road debris or unpleasant weather conditions cannot cause any damage.
  • Experience a stress-free shipping experience with an auto shipping company you can trust.
  • Transport protection against bad weather.
  • Make sure your vehicle’s body and paint are safe from dust, dirt, and road debris.
  • For valuable vehicles, additional theft protection is important.
  • Keep your vehicle’s value safe during shipping


In general, the farther a car has to travel, the higher its shipping cost. Locations along well-traveled routes may cost less than short trips off the beaten track, but this isn’t always the case. However, a longer journey generally results in higher cost.

Carrier Availability

In general, there are more open-air transporters on the road than enclosed trailers, for a number of reasons. It costs less to purchase and maintain open-air carriers, and they can carry three times as many cars


Enclosed car shipping offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind when transporting your vehicle. By choosing a reputable and experienced shipping company, preparing your vehicle properly, and understanding the process, you can ensure a smooth and secure journey for your prized possession. Remember, the added investment in enclosed car shipping is well worth the benefits it provides, especially when it comes to safeguarding your vehicle during transportation.

Yes, enclosed car shipping can accommodate multiple vehicles. Discuss your specific requirements with the shipping company to determine the best approach.

Enclosed car shipping is available for both domestic and international transportation. International shipping may involve additional considerations such as customs regulations and documentation.

It is advisable to book your enclosed car shipping services at least a few weeks in advance to secure availability and ensure a smooth scheduling process.

In the unfortunate event of any damage occurring during enclosed shipping, promptly contact the shipping company and provide evidence of the damage. The insurance coverage should assist in addressing any necessary repairs or compensation.

Enclosed car shipping can accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes and weights. However, it is best to discuss any specific weight concerns with the shipping company beforehand.

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