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AutoStar Transport Express Reviews

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Autostar transport express review a4autotransport

AutoStar Transport Express Review: Is It Worth the Extra Cost?

AutoStar Transport Express is a well-established auto transportation broker that has been in business since 2007.

While the company boasts a high-quality carrier network, its prices are about 25% higher than competitors.

Is it worth the extra cost? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at all-state-to-state auto transport reviews of AutoStar Transport Express, helping you make an informed decision

Overview of AutoStar Transport Express

AutoStar Transport Express is a reputable auto transport service with over 16 years of experience in the industry. The company moves over 30,000 vehicles a year and offers coverage in all 50 states across the country.

AutoStar Transport Express has access to a network of over 20,000 carriers, ensuring reliable and timely service for all of its customers’ vehicle transportation needs.

Deep Down Reviews Analysis:

AutoStar Transport Express has received positive reviews across multiple websites, further highlighting its reputation in the auto transportation industry. Here are some excerpts from various review sites:

Facebook Reviews:4.5rating out of 5  Facebook logo

Based on these reviews, Autostar Transport Express seems to have provided satisfactory service to most of its customers. Customers have praised the company’s professionalism, ease of tracking, and communication.

One customer had a negative experience where the company did not deliver their car on time and they had to pay storage fees, but this seems to be an exception rather than the norm.

Overall, Autostar Transport Express appears to be a reliable car shipping company with competitive pricing and good customer service.

Some Reviews:

  • William E Hawkins: 5-star service. Tesla shipped from WA to FL, picked up and delivered as scheduled. Driver was great and handled the car gently.
  • Sivaprasad Bandla: Great service for shipping a Ford car. Shipped and delivered within a day at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.
  • Ricky Sylvers Jr: Highly recommend. Very good customer service, on-time delivery for a great price.
  • Veronica Miles: Excellent service from Auto Transport Group. Car arrived the same day. Highly recommend for transport needs.
  • Jonathan Baldizon: Amazing experience. Fast responses, friendly, and kept informed throughout. Driver found quickly and vehicle received sooner than expected.

Negative Review:

  • Joseph Notarian  AutoStar Transport Express caused Notarian frustration when they took weeks to transport his collector car, nearly causing him to lose it. Despite being promised a refund, he did not hear back from the company or their representative, James. He advises against using this company for urgent or reliable transport needs.

Transport Reviews: 5rating out of 5Transport reviews logo

Based on these reviews, Autostar Transport Express seems to have provided satisfactory customers service. Customers have praised the company’s professionalism, ease of tracking, and communication.

One customer had a negative experience where the company did not deliver their car on time and they had to pay storage fees, but this seems to be an exception rather than the normal.

Overall, Autostar Transport Express appears to be a reliable car shipping company with competitive pricing and good customer service.

Some Reviews:

  • Tina Mcgee: Smooth process from start to finish. Max took care of everything and kept informed. Easy tracking. Would use again.
  • Russell Walker: Worst company to deal with. Lied to on several occasions. Booked shipment, paid, but car not delivered. Had to pay daily storage fees. Bad company to do business with.
  • Jacob A: Excellent service, very professional, 1/3 of the price of other companies, honest and informative with no hidden fees, Highly recommended.
  • Clarence Williams: Cheapest quote and did not disappoint. Always reachable and able to track vehicle. Great company to use for car shipping needs.
  • Mary G: Very responsive, communicative, and helpful. Able to schedule car pick up within a day. Noah did a great job coordinating preferred pick up time and driver.
  • Marc Berger: Good experience overall. Took a while to find a carrier, but no damage to car upon arrival. Delivered right to the house and parked in driveway.

Bird Eye Reviews: 4.5rating out of 5                                                                                                    BIRDEYE VIEW

Based on these reviews, Autostar Transport Express appears to have a good reputation for providing reliable and efficient car shipping services. Customers have reported good communication, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing.

Most of the reviewers have given positive feedback and have expressed satisfaction with the service provided. However, there were some negative reviews as well, including one customer who reported issues with delayed delivery and storage fees.

Overall, the majority of the customers had a positive experience with Autostar Transport Express and would recommend their services

Some Reviews:

  • Rob M: Delivery as promised, arrived on a Saturday night, great service
  • Alan K: Carlos was a perfect consultant, driver coordinated auto pick-up timing, car arrived in perfect condition, will use AutoStar Transport Express again
  • Donna M: Reasonable pricing, excellent communication between broker, driver, and customer, used them 3 times and will continue to use them in the future, easily recommendable
  • Joshua O: Helpful and communicative, Juan was attentive to customer’s needs
  • Malinda/Mindy B: Extremely satisfied, quick pick-up and delivery, Edwin was awesome and patient, driver provided updates throughout transport, highly recommendable
  • Craig S: Friendly pick-up, hiccup with pick-up dates but not driver’s fault
  • Priyatham B: Easy process, car delivered in 2 days in perfect shape with no issues, driver was helpful and provided updates, highly recommendable
  • Virginia D: Will book again, recommendable, best price, on-time pick-up and delivery.

               “Reading auto transport company reviews can be a helpful way to gain insight “

GOOGLE Reviews 4.2rating out of 5Google logo
AutoStar Transport Express has received positive reviews for their professionalism, punctuality, quality of service, and value. Customers have had great experiences with their communication and helpfulness throughout the transport process. Overall, AutoStar Transport Express is highly recommended for vehicle shipping.

Some Reviews:

  • Danielle Lewis: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value. Great communication, helpful driver, and reasonable price for a last-minute transport.
  • Brian Hargis: Competitive pricing, super-fast transport, no damage. Professional and helpful representatives, better than expected in communication, price, and shipping time.
  • Mike Petrocchi: Outstanding customer service, easy-to-follow instructions, friendly transport driver, seamless and on-time delivery. Highly recommended for first timers or experienced shippers.
  • Mike Jung: Great experience, perfect condition, enclosed trailer, good communication, and timeliness. Highly recommended for safe and efficient vehicle shipping.
  • Ngan Vu: Easy setup, kind transport driver, on-time delivery, same condition as sent off. Would use AutoStar again and recommend it to others.
  • Kayana Dorsey: Competitive pricing, great communication, 2-week window for pick-up, quick and easy delivery. Awesome service, will definitely use them again for car transport.

Negative Review:

  • Edisson Carpio had a bad experience with this company. He was not informed that his credit card would be charged for the transport, and when he cancelled the service, the company refused to refund his money. He recommends avoiding this company and doing business with Mercury Transport instead.

How to ship with autostar transport express a4autotransport

Services Offered

AutoStar Transport Express offers both open and enclosed transport options for vehicles of all sizes. The company also provides expedited shipping services, which can be a great option for those who need their vehicle shipped quickly.

Additionally, AutoStar Transport Express offers door-to-door pickup and delivery, which means you won’t have to drive your car to a terminal or shipping center for auto transport door to door services.

Services offered by austostar transport express a4autotransport

How Much Does Autostar Transport Express Costs to Ship a Car

AutoStar Transport Express is considered one of the more expensive auto transportation brokers, with an average cost of $1,150. However, this price can vary depending on factors such as vehicle size, transport type, and time of year. The average cost per 100 miles to ship a car with AutoStar Transport Express is $160.

How much does autostar transport express cost a4autotransport

How Much Time AutoStar Transport Express will Take to Transmit a Car

Based on the information provided by AutoStar Transport Express, for distances between 1-100 miles, they estimate a one day delivery time for your vehicle. However, the overall time it takes to transport your car will depend on other factors such as the shipping method and any unforeseen circumstances.

Miles Cost per Mile Price Open Transport Enclosed Transport
300 miles $1.50 $450 500 miles: $600 500 miles: $900
1000 miles $0.85 $850 $850 $1,259
1500 miles $0.75 $1,125 $1,200 $1,650
2000 miles $0.65 $1,300 $1,400 $1,950

Auto Transport  Express cost per mile is shown here

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How does AutoStar Transport Express ensure the safety of my vehicle during transportation?

By utilizing experienced drivers, securing the car properly, and providing insurance coverage

Can I track the progress of my shipment with AutoStar Transport Express?

Yes, via their website or by contacting customer service.

What is the process for filing a claim with AutoStar Transport Express in the event of damage to my vehicle during transport?

Contact their customer service team to obtain necessary forms and information for claim submission.

Business Information:

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: 80 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

Service Area: U.S., including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

USDOT: 2239014

MC: 600908

Phone: 888-802-8250

Email: [email protected]

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