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“SGT Auto Transport Review | Cost & Services”

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SGT Auto Transport company that provides reliable and affordable vehicle shipping services to customers throughout the United States. With a commitment to exceptional customer service and industry-leading technology, SGT Auto Transport has established itself as a trusted partner for individuals, dealerships, and businesses of all sizes.

At SGT Auto Transport, we understand that moving a vehicle can be stressful, which is why we offer a range of flexible shipping options to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with each client to ensure that their vehicle is shipped safely and securely, arriving at its destination on time and in excellent condition.

Our services include both open and enclosed car transport, as well as expedited shipping options for customers who need their vehicle delivered quickly. We also offer tracking services so that customers can stay up-to-date on the status of their shipment at all times.

Pros and Cons of SGT Auto Transport

Here are some of the pros and cons of working with SGT Auto Transport.

                 PROS                                                                    CONS

Reliable and Professional Service                                Limited Availability 

Affordable Pricing                                                            Longer Lead Times

Flexible Shipping Options                                               Potential for Damage     

Excellent Customer Service

Comprehensive Insurance  

 What is SGT Auto Transport?

SGT Auto Transport is a professional auto transport company that provides reliable and affordable vehicle shipping services throughout the United States. The company specializes in transporting cars, trucks, and SUVs and offers a range of flexible shipping options to meet the unique needs of their customers. SGT Auto Transport has established itself as a trusted partner for individuals, dealerships, and businesses of all sizes. Their services include both open and enclosed car transport, as well as expedited shipping options for customers who need their vehicle delivered quickly.

How To Ship With SGT Auto Transport

1.Get a Quote: Visit the SGT Auto Transport website and request a free quote by providing information about your vehicle, the pickup and delivery locations, and the preferred shipping date. You can also call their customer service team to get a quote over the phone.

2.Book your shipment: Once you have received your quote and are ready to book your shipment, you will need to provide additional details such as your contact information, payment information, and any special instructions or requests.

3.Prepare your vehicle for shipment: Before the pickup date, make sure your vehicle is clean and in good working condition. Remove any personal belongings from the car, and take photos of the vehicle from all angles for documentation purposes.

4.Pickup and Delivery: On the scheduled pickup date, the carrier will arrive at the designated location to load your vehicle onto the truck. Make sure someone is available to release the vehicle to the carrier and sign the Bill of Lading. The carrier will transport your vehicle to the destination and deliver it to the specified address.

5.Receive your vehicle: Once your vehicle is delivered, inspect it carefully and ensure that there are no damages or issues. If there are any issues, document them and contact SGT Auto Transport as soon as possible.

SGT Auto Transport services

SGT Auto Transport is a full-service auto transport company that offers a range of services to meet your vehicle shipping needs. Here are some of the services offered by SGT Auto Transport:

Open Auto Transport: SGT Auto Transport offers open auto transport services, which are the most common method of shipping vehicles. Open carriers can transport up to 10 vehicles at a time, making it an affordable option for shipping your vehicle.

Enclosed Auto Transport: SGT Auto Transport also offers enclosed auto transport services, which provide extra protection for your vehicle during transport. Enclosed carriers protect your vehicle from the elements and other external factors, making it ideal for transporting high-end or classic cars.

Expedited Shipping: SGT Auto Transport offers expedited shipping services for those who need their vehicle shipped quickly. Expedited shipping is available for both open and enclosed carriers, and you can choose the delivery date and time that works best for you.

International Auto Transport: SGT Auto Transport offers international auto transport services, allowing you to ship your vehicle to or from any location in the world. They work with a network of trusted carriers to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely and on time.

Dealer and Auction Transport: SGT Auto Transport also provides dealer and auction transport services, allowing car dealers and auction houses to transport multiple vehicles at once. They can handle both open and enclosed shipments, and can deliver vehicles to any location in the country.

Military Auto Transport: SGT Auto Transport provides military auto transport services for active duty and retired military personnel. They offer discounts for military members and their families, and can transport vehicles to and from military bases and other locations.

Snowbird Auto Transport: SGT Auto Transport provides snowbird auto transport services for those who spend their winters in warm climates. They can transport your vehicle to Florida or other warm destinations, and return it to your home state in the spring.          

SGT Auto Transport per mile cost

Distance Type of transport Average price per mile SGT Auto transport cost
100-500 miles
500-1000 miles
1000-1500 miles
1500-2000 miles
2000-2500 miles
2500-3000 miles

How to File SGT Auto Transport damage claim

1.Inspect the Vehicle: Before filing a damage claim, it is important to inspect the vehicle thoroughly to determine the extent of the damage. Take pictures of any damage to the vehicle.

2.Provide Necessary Information: When you contact SGT Auto Transport, you will need to provide them with the necessary information to file the damage claim. This includes the vehicle’s make and model, the damage that has occurred, and any other relevant information.

3.Submit Documentation: SGT Auto Transport will require documentation to process your damage claim. This will include photographs of the damage, the bill of lading, and the inspection report from the carrier that transported your vehicle.

4.Wait for a Response: Once you have submitted your documentation, SGT Auto Transport will review your claim and determine if they are responsible for the damage. They will contact you with their response as soon as possible.

5.Receive Payment: If SGT Auto Transport is responsible for the damage, they will provide you with a payment to cover the cost of the repairs. If you have any questions or concerns about the payment, contact their customer service team for assistance.

It is important to note that SGT Auto Transport’s liability is limited by the terms and conditions outlined in their contract. Be sure to review their terms and conditions carefully before filing a damage claim.

SGT Auto transport Customer Service

Personalized attention: SGT Auto Transport assigns a dedicated transport specialist to each customer, who will handle all aspects of the transport process and provide regular updates. This allows customers to have a single point of contact and ensures that their needs are met efficiently.

Clear communication: SGT Auto Transport emphasizes clear and prompt communication with customers. They are available by phone, email, or online chat to answer any questions or concerns, and provide regular updates on the status of the transport.

Transparency: SGT Auto Transport is transparent about its pricing and policies, ensuring that customers understand all costs and requirements upfront. They also provide detailed contracts and terms of service to ensure that customers are fully informed.

Flexibility: SGT Auto Transport is flexible in accommodating customers’ needs, including pickup and delivery dates and times, vehicle types, and special requests. They work with customers to find the most convenient and efficient transport solution.

Professionalism: SGT Auto Transport’s staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and professional in all aspects of the transport process. They are licensed, insured, and follow all federal regulations to ensure safe and legal transport of vehicles.

SGT Auto Transport Reviews

Here are some customer testimonials and reviews about SGT Auto Transport Express:

“I had an amazing experience with SGT Auto Transport. The staff was friendly, professional, and kept me updated throughout the entire process. My car arrived on time and in great condition. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable auto transport services.” – John D.

“SGT Auto Transport exceeded my expectations. Their communication was excellent, and they were very flexible in accommodating my schedule. They even helped me with some last-minute changes without any hassle. My car arrived without any damage and the whole process was seamless.” – Sarah R.

“I was initially hesitant to ship my car, but SGT Auto Transport made the process so easy and stress-free. They were very responsive and kept me informed every step of the way. I appreciated their attention to detail and the care they took with my vehicle. I would definitely use them again.” – Mark S.

Google Reviews: SGT Auto Transport has a 4.8-star rating on Google Reviews, with many customers praising their professionalism, prompt communication, and efficient service. Customers also note that their prices are reasonable and competitive.

Better Business Bureau (BBB): SGT Auto Transport has an A+ rating from the BBB, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. They have received only a few complaints in the past three years, all of which were promptly addressed and resolved.

SGT Auto Transport FAQS

1.What types of vehicles can SGT Auto Transport transport?

SGT Auto Transport can transport a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, and boats.

2.How much does auto transport with SGT Auto Transport cost?

The cost of auto transport with SGT Auto Transport depends on various factors, including the distance, type of vehicle, and time of year. You can get a free quote by filling out their online form or by calling their customer service team.

3.How long does it take to transport a vehicle with SGT Auto Transport?

The duration of transport with SGT Auto Transport depends on the distance, route, and type of transport service chosen. Generally, cross-country transport takes between 1 to 2 weeks, while shorter distances may take a few days.

4.Is SGT Auto Transport licensed and insured?

Yes, SGT Auto Transport is licensed and insured to transport vehicles throughout the United States. They comply with all federal regulations and have a $1 million liability insurance policy to protect their customers’ vehicles during transport.

5.How does SGT Auto Transport handle damage claims?

If your vehicle is damaged during transport, you can file a claim with SGT Auto Transport’s claims department. They will investigate the claim and work with you to resolve the issue. They have a straightforward claims process, and their team is available to assist you throughout the process.

6.Does SGT Auto Transport offer door-to-door transport?

Yes, SGT Auto Transport offers door-to-door transport services, where they will pick up and deliver your vehicle directly to your desired locations. They also offer terminal-to-terminal transport if you prefer to drop off and pick up your vehicle at their designated terminals.

7.How can I track my vehicle during transport with SGT Auto Transport?

SGT Auto Transport provides real-time updates on the status of your vehicle during transport. You can track your vehicle online through their customer portal or by contacting their customer service team.

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