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Shipping a Motorcycle to Hawaii,Costs, Timeframes, and Tips

Shipping a motorcycle to Hawaii involves various considerations, from costs to processes. Whether you’re moving to the islands or just looking to explore Hawaii’s scenic roads, understanding the shipping process is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide covering essential aspects of shipping motorcycles to and from Hawaii.

Costs to Ship a Motorcycle to Hawaii:

Shipping costs vary based on the departure state and shipping method. For instance, shipping a motorcycle from California to Hawaii might cost around $1,000 to $1,500. From the East Coast, costs can range from $1,500 to $2,500. These estimates depend on factors like distance, carrier, and additional services.


Shipping a motorcycle to Hawaii usually takes around 7 to 14 days, accounting for factors like departure location, carrier schedules, and customs clearance.

Choosing a Shipping Method:

Select a reputable shipping company experienced in transporting motorcycles to Hawaii. Compare various methods such as door-to-door service, crating, or container shipping. Consider factors like cost, convenience, and transit time.

Ports in Hawaii:

Common ports for motorcycle arrivals in Hawaii include Honolulu Harbor on Oahu, Kahului Harbor on Maui, Hilo Harbor on the Big Island (Hawaii), and Nawiliwili Harbor on Kauai.

Preparation and Planning:

Before shipping, ensure your motorcycle is in good condition. Document its current state with photographs and note any existing damages. Gather essential paperwork including the title, registration, and any specific documents required by the shipping company or Hawaii’s regulations.

Inter-Island Motorcycle Shipping:

Several shipping companies offer inter-island motorcycle transport between Hawaii’s major islands. They provide convenient services for exploring multiple islands without riding your motorcycle between them. Shipping

Shipping Process to Hawaii:

  • Choose a reputable shipping company experienced in transporting motorcycles to Hawaii.
  • Prepare necessary documentation such as the motorcycle’s title, registration, and any required permits.
  • Schedule pickup or drop-off at the port and arrange for the motorcycle’s proper crating or securing for transport.
  • Ensure compliance with Hawaii’s regulations and customs requirements.

Shipping Motorcycle from Hawaii to the Mainland:

The process of shipping a motorcycle from Hawaii to the mainland generally involves similar steps. Choose a reliable carrier, prepare documentation, and arrange for pickup or drop-off at the port.


Shipping a motorcycle to Hawaii demands careful planning and adherence to shipping protocols. Understanding costs, ports, inter-island transport, duration, and the shipping process ensures a smoother experience. Whether shipping to or from Hawaii, partnering with reputable carriers simplifies the process and ensures your motorcycle arrives safely.

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