Elite Auto Shipping Reviews

Elite Auto Shipping Reviews

Elite Auto Shipping Reviews

Choosing the best car shipping company can feel like traversing a minefield. You want your vehicle delivered safely and efficiently, but navigating the world of auto transport can be tricky. Today, we’re here to help you unravel the mystery of Elite Auto Shipping by exploring their services, pricing, reputation, and overall customer experience.

Key Highlights

  • Mixed Reviews: Elite Auto Shipping boasts positive reviews but raises concerns with its F rating from the BBB and negative experiences reported by some customers.
  • Consider the Risks: Weigh the potential for competitive rates and efficient service against concerns about communication, delays, and hidden fees before choosing Elite Auto Shipping.
  • Explore Alternatives: If reliability and minimizing hassle are top priorities, consider reputable car shipping companies with strong track records and documented customer satisfaction.

Is Elite Auto Shipping Legit?

The answer isn’t straightforward. While they have been in business for over 15 years and boast over 1,200 positive reviews on Transport Reviews, their F rating from the Better Business Bureau throws a major wrench in the legitimacy machine. Complaints alleging poor communication, delayed deliveries, hidden fees, and even vehicle damage cast a shadow of doubt. So, it’s essential to approach Elite Auto Shipping with cautious optimism.

Elite Auto Shipping Pros and Cons


  • Positive reviews: Many customers praise their efficiency, timeliness, and good communication.
  • Variety of services: They offer open/enclosed carrier transport, door-to-door delivery, expedited shipping, and motorcycle shipping.
  • Free quotes: While prices aren’t publicly available, they provide personalized quotes upon request.


  • F rating from BBB: Raises serious concerns about customer service and business practices.
  • Negative reviews: Delays, hidden fees, and vehicle damage issues were reported by some customers.
  • Lack of price transparency: Not publishing rates might deter potential customers.

Elite Auto Shipping Inc. Reviews

Elite Auto Shipping BBB

Elite Auto Shipping BBB

Elite Auto Shipping currently holds an F rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This low rating is based on several unresolved customer complaints that primarily mention:

  • Poor communication and unresponsive customer service representatives.
  • Delays in delivery and difficulty in tracking vehicles.
  • Hidden fees and unexpected charges added to the final bill.
  • Damage to vehicles during transport.

It’s crucial to carefully consider these red flags before entrusting your car to Elite Auto Shipping.

Elite Auto Shipping Positive Reviews

Despite the BBB concerns, numerous positive reviews paint a different picture. Many customers commend Elite Auto Shipping for:

  • Competitive rates: Some reviews mention receiving favorable quotes upon request.
  • Efficient service: Timely pick-up and delivery experiences are frequently reported.
  • Helpful communication: Responsive representatives and clear updates throughout the process are praised.

These positive experiences suggest that Elite Auto Shipping can indeed deliver satisfactory service, but remember, consistency is key.

Google Positive Reviews

  • “I was dealing with Hugo. He was very professional. I shipped my car from Nevada to Georgia. He had my car on the back of a truck within one day. The price did go up $50 but I was okay with that My car did arrive early. I had no issues whatsoever I will use their service again.” – Brandon Harrington
  • “I had a lovely experience with Elite Auto Shipping! They were able to get me and my family in and out and provided excellent customer service, going above and beyond. For that, I’d recommend Elite Auto Shipping to everyone I know!” – Thomas J. Wisniewski

Transport Reviews Positive Reviews

  • “I contact the broker at 2 PM, Action closes at 4:00 pm. The same day my car was picked up and all the documents. My car was delivered next day at 8:00 am. Perfect service.” – Pedro Villafana Camejo
  • “5 stars for this guy Chris Morgan, I have sent several vehicles with him and I have not had any problems, always on time and with an exceptional price, thank you” – Heizel

BBB Positive Reviews

  • “Few days ago I shipped my vehicle from FL to CA. I worked with guy name *. He was responsive, attentive also he gave me fair, resonable price, excellent service. I would highly recommend Elite Auto Shipping to anyone looking to transport a car. Car arrived in perfect condition and on time. I highle recommend to use them.” – Tim M
  • “Excellent job Elite. You save my time, I got my bike without any damage. Highly recommend to everyone.” John G

Elite Auto Shipping Complaints

Unfortunately, alongside the positive feedback, complaints are also present. Common grievances include:

  • Lack of communication: Unresponsive representatives and difficulty in contacting the company.
  • Delayed deliveries: Vehicles arriving days or even weeks later than promised.
  • Hidden fees: Additional charges appearing on the final bill, not mentioned upfront.
  • Vehicle damage: Scratches, dents, and other damages were reported upon delivery.

These negative experiences are concerning and highlight the potential pitfalls of choosing Elite Auto Shipping.

Google Negative Reviews

  • “If I could give zero stars I would. Contracted this POS company to move a vehicle from the west coast to east coast, was quoted $1300 to do so. Signed contract, sent deposit, day later owner wants to renegotiate and charge me an additional $450 to pick the car up, completely against the original agreement. Stay away from these clowns, they waste your time and steal your money. Owner will not refund deposit.” – Chris L
  • “I will sue this company. Not answering my phone calls. Increased the price after the contract was signed and made me pay the deposit and now not even returning the deposit amount.
  • These people should be hanged and their license should be Cancelled.” – Afreen Nikhath

Transport Reviews Negative Reviews

  • “Stay away from this company! They hook you with a real low quote then use a bait & switch approach. Their customer service is terrible and communication is even worse. I had to pay an up front fee of $150.00 and within six hours realized I’d been had. The drivers were no show twice and zero – nada communication from the broker. Stay away at all costs! Fortunately I was able to find another shipper in fairly short order.” – Jack Martin
  • “Signed a contract with Elite Auto Shipping to transport F-150 from Florida to Missouri. They quoted me $650 and I agreed and signed the contract. Within four days, they were already asking for $960 to perform the move. When I aid no, they then asked for $880. When I again declined asking them to honor the contract, he asked “how much can you afford?” DO NOT use this company. BAIT AND SWITCH tactics.” – BH

BBB Negative Reviews

  • “Scam alert!!!!! Language Barrier and really hard to deal with.” – James P
  • “This is the worst company ever they will take your deposit and will not pick up your car. I do not advise anyone to go with this company they are scammers then they will put you on the phone with someone who barely speak English and you cant understand anything that they are saying.” – Justin B

Elite Auto Shipping Services

Elite Auto Shipping offers a range of services to cater to various needs:

  • Open/enclosed carrier transport: Choose between open trailers for budget-friendly shipping or enclosed carriers for added protection.
  • Door-to-door delivery: Convenient pick-up and drop-off at your desired locations.
  • Expedited shipping: Get your car delivered faster for an additional fee.
  • Motorcycle shipping: Safe and secure transportation for your two-wheeled companion.

While the services seem appealing, remember to prioritize reliability and reputation alongside convenience.

Elite Auto Shipping Costs

Elite Auto Shipping does not publish their rates publicly. They provide personalized quotes based on distance, vehicle type, and chosen service. However, based on information gathered from different review platforms, here’s a rough estimate:

  • 100-200 miles: $1.95 per mile
  • 200-300 miles: $1.40 per mile
  • State-to-state: $0.85 per mile

Keep in mind that these are just estimates, and your actual quote may vary. Be sure to request a detailed quote and understand any potential additional fees before committing.

Elite Auto Shipping Cost Factors

Several factors can influence your final quote:

  • Distance: Longer journeys typically cost more per mile.
  • Vehicle type: Larger or heavier vehicles might incur higher charges.
  • Chosen service: Open carrier is cheaper than enclosed, and expedited shipping adds to the cost.
  • Season and demand: Rates may fluctuate depending on peak seasons and vehicle availability.

Always factor in these variables when comparing quotes from different companies.

Elite Auto Shipping Transit Times

Transit times can vary significantly depending on distance, carrier availability, and weather conditions. However, as a general guideline:

  • Short distances (100-200 miles): Delivery within 1-2 days is possible.
  • Medium distances (200-500 miles): Expect a transit time of 3-5 days.
  • Long distances (500+ miles): Delivery could take 7-10 days or more.

Remember, these are just estimates, and delays can occur. Be sure to inquire about expected timelines during the quote process and manage your expectations accordingly.


Choosing Elite Auto Shipping requires careful consideration. While they have positive reviews and offer a variety of services, the F rating from the BBB and numerous negative customer experiences raise serious concerns about reliability and communication. Weighing the pros and cons against reputable alternatives with better track records is crucial.

If you prioritize competitive rates and are willing to take a calculated risk, Elite Auto Shipping might be an option. However, if minimizing potential hassles and ensuring consistent, reliable service is your top priority, exploring other car shipping companies with strong reputations and documented customer satisfaction is strongly recommended.


Is Elite Auto Shipping insured?

They claim to provide insurance for transported vehicles, but the details and coverage limits are not readily available. It’s important to inquire about their specific insurance policy and coverage terms before booking.

Do I need to be present for pick-up and delivery?

Typically, someone needs to be present at both locations to sign for the vehicle. Check with Elite Auto Shipping for their specific policy regarding pick-up and delivery procedures.

Can I track my vehicle during transport?

Elite Auto Shipping claims to offer real-time tracking, but reviews suggest this feature might not be consistently available or reliable. Confirm tracking capabilities and options before booking.

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