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Top 5 Auto Transport Companies in Wyoming

Outdoor recreation is a common theme in Wyoming as well, where the views of the mountains and vast expanses of ranch lands make up much of the topography here. It is, in fact, the 2nd least densely populated state in the country, with much of it devoted to natural preserves and mountain lands. The foothills of the eastern Rockies are here, while the upper half of the state.

Looking for auto transport companies near you in Wyoming? A trip from Casper to Traverse City, Michigan is 1,400 miles and over 20-hours of drive time. 

5 Best Car Shipping Companies in Wyoming

Reputable car shipping

Ship Overseas


4.7 Rating

competitive rates

Trico Long Distance Movers


4.5 Rating


Van 3 Auto Transport


4.0 Rating


Long Distance Movers


3.5 Rating

Modern Technology

CV Auto Transport


3.0 Rating

Best Car Shipping CompaniesBBBTrust PilotTransport ReviewsGoogle MyBusinessOverall RatingDetail 
SHIP OVERSEAS5/53.7/53.58/10Get Quote
Trico Long Distance Movers3/54.7/57.7/10Get Quote
VAN 3 AUTO TRANSPORT1/54.2/54.8/57.2/10Get Quote
Long Distance Movers4.23.4/57/10Get Quote
CV Auto Transport5/54.9/56/10Get Quote

1. Ship Overseas

Over the past 34 years, Ship Overseas a leading international car shipping company, has earned the trust of 1000s of its customers, to ship their cars overseas safely and successfully. It is businesses and people like you, Ship Overseas have helped over the years simplify the process of shipping a car internationally. 

The year was 1983, when Ship Overseas was founded on one premise, of how to make shipping a car internationally a simple and pleasurable experience for people like you, who want to ship their car overseas. So the company decided early on, to focus on shipping only vehicles overseas, and do it really well. This focused strategy led Ship Overseas to an amazing rapid growth, and to make it become the leading shipping company for international car shipping. Ship Overseas advise customers on what steps to take and how not to make a mistake, not only regarding shipping your valuable car safely overseas but also importing procedures.

+Top rated shipping experience

+Ship your car safely

+Most reliable shipping.

Full container load

You may struggle with the car maintenance costs


Trico Long Distance Moving Company started off on the principle that moving should be a quick painless experience. The company have found this is what customers want, and happy customers are top priority. 

Since 2010 Trico Long Distance Moving have upheld this principle and have built a reputation as one of the most trusted Long Distance Moving companies in the US.

Affordable and reliable relocation Don’t look any further, you found a reliable company that provides affordable long distance moving and auto transport services! Whether you fill out a quote form online or give us a call on the phone, your job can be booked in a matter of minutes as long as have all the info from you.

+Time saving

+Safety .

+Fast and reliable payment options.


Worn brakes, rotors and tires



Van 3 Auto Transport has been offering 5 star car transport service in the auto transport industry for more than 10 years. During that time, have developed many long term relationships with customers and carriers all over the country. 

Van 3 Auto Transport have built reputation on reliability and trust, which are key factors in the auto transport industry.

Van 3 Auto Transport offers a wide range of auto transport services. The company work with many different types of clients and offer them services like door to door auto transport, expedited car shipping, enclosed vehicle transpiration, expedited pickup and deliveries. Selecting a car carrier with the reputation and knowledge to manage your vehicle shipping needs is very important, a cheap quote does not always mean that the given car shipping company will get the job done right. 

+Cost effective


+Excellent customer service


No Rural Service


Long Distance Movers offer safe, inexpensive, and high-quality moving services to countless families each year. Over a number of years, have been providing the customers with the most reliable long-distance moving services in the country

Long Distance Movers offer a wide variety of services. Whether you need storage, help with packing, or car shipping, professional employees will meet all your needs and requirements.  Distance Movers believe that there is much more to the  job than simply loading a moving truck and unloading it at the desired destination. The company primary goal is to leave each one of the clients satisfied and with a big smile on their face.

In addition to this, the company go a long way maintaining stable and affordable moving prices, regardless of the amount of belongings being shipped or the time of the relocation. 

+Rapid Speed

+Less Capital Outlay

+Lesser Risk of Damage in Transit

+Suitable for Short Distance

Under-utilised Capacity

Less security and protection for expensive vehicles


CV Auto Transport is a five star rated company and the number one choice for auto shipping. one of the leading online auto and vehicle transport brokerage services. The company offer services, both to the general public and registered members of U.S. auto auctions.

CV Auto Transport provide expedited vehicle shipping domestic and internationally at competitive rates. The company also offer a wide variety of equipment, such as flat beds, tow trucks, 3-car haulers, 9-car haulers, enclosed trailers, open trailers and more!

CV Auto Transport dedicated team of professionals will arrange and transport your vehicle with care form start to finish. The company have technology and trained staff to handle hundreds of shipments simultaneously. Company provide reliable car transport for both individuals and companies or dealers moving hundreds of vehicles on a monthly basis.

+Safe and Secure


+Professional licensing

Unsuitable for Short Distance and Small Loads

Late delivery