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Top 5 Auto Shipping Companies Texas

When you need to transport a car to or from Texas, you need an experienced Texas auto transport company you can rely on. If you are planning to move to the state of Texas or any other part of the country, car shipping services are generally superior to doing it yourself. Driving over long distances involves quite a bit of planning and a thousand-mile drive is time-consuming and tiring. It also increases the car’s mileage and reduces its lifespan.

As part of our thorough evaluation of the top car shipping companies in Texas, we have suggested the top 5 Texas car Transport Companies based on their reputation, prices, services, and customer experience.

Our Top Picks For Free Texas Car Shipping Quotes

Years of experience

a1 auto transport

A1 auto transport


4.2 Rating


road runner

roadrunner auto transport


4.0 Rating

Best for Locked-In Prices

Ameri Freight

AmeriFreight car transport


3.8 Rating

Best Availability

montway auto transport

Montway Auto Transport


3.7 Rating

Modern Technology

Nexus auto transport


3.0 Rating

Car Shipping CompaniesBBBTrust PilotTransport ReviewsGoogle MyBusinessOverall RatingDetail
A-1 AUTO TRANSPORT 3.35/52.0/51/53.1/58/10Get Quote
ROADRUNNER AUTO TRANSPORT1.5/52.0/54/54/58/10Get Quote
AMERIFREIGHT CAR TRANSPORT4.86/54.7/55/58.5/10Get Quote
MONTWAY AUTO TRANSPORT4.51/54.5/54.6/54.5/59/10Get Quote
NEXUS AUTO TRANSPORT3.97/53.4/52.3/54.1/58.5/10Get Quote

1. A1 auto transport

A-1 Auto Transport is one of the largest USA-based international auto shippers in the industry.The company have offices and storage services located in main cities and metro areas throughout the U.S and overseas.

A1 Auto Transport is a Texas vehicle shipping service that implements seasonal offerings during the colder part of the 12 months to encourage potential customers, and additionally have a few reductions you can also qualify for. You’ll waste too much time on the road. And even if you have sufficient time for the trip, the price can without difficulty break your fun. Not only will you have to take care of meals and lodging expenses, however your car would possibly break down if your pressure it too much. Having to restore an vehicle you’ve simply bought isn’t something absolutely everyone would want.

Instead, you can get A1 auto transport to bring your car to town, and then enjoy it in Texas as much as you want. The company’s offerings is very fast and the most secure in the business, so the whole lot will go as planned.

+No upfront fees

+Guaranteed phone quotes

+Positive customer reviews

+Complete documentation services.

Full container load

You may struggle with the car maintenance costs

Slow customer service

2. roadrunner auto transport

When you need to transport a car to or from Texas and you need an experienced Texas auto transport company you can rely on. For over 30 years, RoadRunner Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable Texas auto transport for both individual and business clients.

RoadRunner is a broker in the automobile transport industry. Inherently, this poses challenges in operations because a broker has very little (if any) control over the carriers who actually handle the transport. RoadRunner’s salespeople may exaggerate and make promises to customers to secure the sale, which involves obtaining a signed contract and typically a deposit. From that point forward, the shipping company (carrier) has to execute the transport and may or may not be aware of any promises or assertions made by the broker.

+Fast and reliable payment options.

+Enclosed transport available

+Improve Visibility.

Misleading online chat

Lackluster customer service & communications

3. AmeriFreight Car Transport

 AmeriFreight, moving is as simple as making a phone call. Whether you are looking for a door-to-door service, moving to the other side of the country, or just crossing state lines.

AmeriFreight understand that your car is one of your most prized possessions, and with the help of the latest auto shipping technology and personalized customer service, you can expect your car to be delivered to its destination just like royalty! It’s what makes us a top-rated car shipping company!

By choosing AmeriFreight, you are choosing a serene moving experience with a top-rated car shipping company. Your car is at the center of all efforts. You just point the way and get moving! 

+Excellent customer service

+Provide full insurance for your vehicle

+They have a very simple website tool for tracking shipments



Annoying website pop-up ad


Montway Auto Transport is a car shipping company providing car shipping services from/to every city nationwide. Montway Auto Transport provides all types of auto transport services including door-to-door car shipping both enclosed and expedited.

Montway Auto Transport is the number one rated U.S. auto transporter, yearly shipping 100,000+ cars between all 50 states. Montway strive to deliver a 5-star vehicle-shipping trip with peace-of-mind transport.

Recognized by magazine as one of the top five hundred fastest growing businesses nationwide, Montway leverages modern logistics options and customized customer service to provide fast and reliable consumer experiences.

+Pricing control

+Driver profiles

+Ship with Confidence Guarantee

+GPS tracking option

+50-state availability

Confusing pricing

Website can be a little confusing


Nexus Auto Transport is a large countrywide auto transport company primarily based in Chicago. The company has been round since 2016 and provides offerings for shipping vehicles of all types, as well as the ability to ship door-to-door, which can be a huge benefit for folks that want to ship without the hassle of having to move the car around prior to and after shipment.

Nexus also offers the rare ability to place a small deposit to ship a vehicle, which is refundable. That, combined with its super-fast quote process that does not require personal information, makes Nexus a forward-thinking company in a business where companies frequently take everything but a person’s blood type to give quotes.

Shipping a vehicle with Nexus appears to be a straightforward process. Once your reservation is confirmed, Nexus reaches out to its network of shippers to find one that fits your needs. The company says that it will work around your schedule to ship at a time that best fits your needs. All of automobile shipping offerings are affordable, cost-effective, secure, and totally insured against all accidental damages.

+Integral Management

+Economical Tailor-Made Solution

+Easy, quick quote process

+Reasonable prices

+Offers door-to-door pickup and delivery

No guaranteed quotes

Below average customer reviews