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Top 5 Car Shipping Companies in Kansas

Kansas is considered to be the pinnacle of the American Midwest; a place where agriculture is prominent and small towns are still a big deal. You can literally get lost in the miles and miles of farmland and picturesque countryside, yet innovation is huge in this state. 

Choosing the best car shipping companies is always a tough task to perform, even tougher than hiring movers. To make it easier for you, we researched over top car shipping companies and reviewed the best among them for your upcoming move.

In Our Research For A Free Quote in Kansas These Are Top 5 Car Shipping Companies

Years of experience

a1 autotransport



Reputable car shipping

Bears Transport


Trusted Auto Shipping

Corporate Auto Transport





Expedited Shipping

uship auto transport comapny


Best Car Shipping CompaniesBBBTrust PilotTransport ReviewGoogle MyBusinessOverall RatingDetail
A1 AUTO TRANSPORT3.35/52/51/5
3.1/59/10Get Quote

4.4/58/10Get Quote
5/55/57.7/10Get Quote
4.9/57.5/10Get Quote
​ uShip
4/58.5/10Get Quote


A1 AUTO TRANSPORT A big part of being a first rate vehicle transport company is getting your car where it needs to be on time. The company don’t waste your time getting your vehicle on 1 of 30 carriers in our fleet.

A1 Auto Transport was founded way back in 1988 when Tony Taylor purchased his first tow truck in California. By 1995 A1 Auto had increased its vehicle transport fleet to over 50 auto transport carriers. Then in 1997 A1 opened its first office overseas to cater for A1 international shipping requests for its customers. With more and more customers requiring car & vehicle transportation service to Asia, Euro, Africa etc A1 expanded its coverage to meet their needs. 

+Ship your car safely

+Most reliable shipping.

You may struggle with the car maintenance costs

2. Bears Transport

Bears Transport is the leader in global vehicle transport.  combined experience in the Industry. Bears Transport  providing clients with competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and the continual ability to evolve in an ever changing market. 

Bears Transport are very committed to maintaining our position in this extremely competitive market by enforcing strict guidelines to its carriers and constantly reviewing current shipping needs. Results driven, Bears Transport are able to maximize the accuracy of its performance and provide the customers with competitive rates and excellent service. Quite simply by finding out your specific needs and criteria, The company are able to meet and exceed your expectations.  Bears Transport  have a 24 hour hands-on staff experienced in open and enclosed transport

+Safety .

+Fast and reliable payment options.

Worn brakes, rotors and tires

3. Corporate Auto Transport

Corporate Auto Transport is one of the largest vehicle shipping service providers in the United States. Corporate Auto Transport safely and efficiently transports thousands of vehicles each year. You name it we have shipped it – everything from cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, SUVs and specialty vehicles in open and enclosed carriers.

When agents and personal assistants need to arrange transport for their celebrity or high-end clients nobody comes more highly recommended in these circles than Corporate Auto Transport. When dealers or classic car collectors need someone they can depend on to get vehicles picked up quickly and safely to their destinations they call upon Corporate Auto Transport. Corporate Auto Transport are time and time again the highest rated and most dependable company in the auto transport industry.

+Cost effective


No Rural Service


CV Auto Transport is a five star rated company and the number one choice for auto shipping. CV Auto Transport company is one of the leading online auto and vehicle transport brokerage services. The company offer services, both to the general public and registered members of U.S. auto auctions.

CV Auto Transport provide expedited vehicle shipping domestic and internationally at competitive rates. The company also offer a wide variety of equipment, such as flat beds, tow trucks, 3-car haulers, 9-car haulers, enclosed trailers, open trailers and more!

CV Auto Transport dedicated team of professionals will arrange and transport your vehicle with care form start to finish. The company have technology and trained staff to handle hundreds of shipments simultaneously. Company provide reliable car transport for both individuals and companies or dealers moving hundreds of vehicles on a monthly basis.

+Less Capital Outlay

+Lesser Risk of Damage in Transit

+Suitable for Short Distance

Under-utilised Capacity

Less security and protection for expensive vehicles

5. Uship Auto Transport

uShip, Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based Internet company that operates, an online marketplace for shipping services. Individuals and businesses post items they need shipped in a variety of categories, including auto transport, boat shipping, moving services, and the transport of heavy industrial equipment.

People and businesses use UShip because it’s easy and affordable to price, book, and ship everything from cars to cranes, freight to furniture, and households to horses—whether it’s going local or long distance.

Uship shipping marketplace helps you connect with trusted, feedback-rated service providers of all kinds—large companies, small fleets, single-truck owners and even roadtrippers—that compete for your business and offer extra cargo space at a discount.


+Professional licensing

Unsuitable for Short Distance and Small Loads