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Top 6 Car Shipping Companies in the USA

Choosing the right car shipping company is crucial when moving out of state or to a distant city. This is to find out who can give you maximum value when moving your vehicle.

Nowadays, hassle-free auto shipping is possible with the help of car shipping companies and brokers that provide you with shipping services without any difficulty or headache.

It’s just a matter of finding the right car shipping company. If you’re seeking the most reliable transportation company, you’ve come to the right place.

We researched the Top 6 Auto Transport Shipping Companies, cross-referencing customer reviews, licensing, BBB rating, Insurances, and Federal complaint data to find you the best. 

Finding the Best Car Shipping Company

A car shipping company’s reviews and industry ratings should be taken into consideration before you choose them. Ideally, you should get quotes from three or more service providers, but if you have time, ask for more.

Depending on your location, service preferences, and eligibility for discounts, it is important to compare quotes from several leading companies for car transport.

After conducting an in-depth analysis of the automotive shipping industry, our research team has concluded that these companies are the best ones in the market

AutoStar Transport Express tops our list of the best car transport companies in 2022, based on our research. One of the most well-known auto transport companies in the nation today. 

With over 20k carriers in contact, AutoStar Transport Express provides top-notch service in about 50 states. They have thousands of satisfied customers. They can ship all type of types of vehicles including classic cars, exotic sports cars, military and armed forces equipment,  motorcycles, ATV bikes, or SUVs.

In spite of the fact that it started out as a relatively small auto transportation company, in the last 15 years, they have grown and built up a reputation for being one of the top auto transporters in the country.

Why AutoStar Transport Express?

Transporting cars within the state, shipping them internationally, and handling logistics are among AutoStar Transport Express’s specialties.

As a top-rated car transport company, you can trust them to match your needs with reliable carriers. You can get an Instant Quote Now from AutoStar Transport Express’s customer service department, which is available 24×7.


  • Open Car Transport
  • Enclosed Auto Transport
  • Door-to-Door Shipment
  • Top-rated terminal-to-Terminal shipping
  • Expedited car Transport
  • Classic car shipment
  • International Freight



With over 140,000 vehicles shipped in 2020,  Montway Auto Transport is our top shipping option. This company offers affordable rates and has established a solid reputation.

Montway only works with licensed carriers and has a minimum cargo insurance requirement of $100,000.

Get an instant quote from Montway, It might even be cheaper than you thought.

Why Montway Auto Transport?

One of Montway’s unique advantages is that it offers extended customer service hours throughout the week and weekends, which few car transport companies do.

Buying a car online without having to worry about transportation is also easy with Montway, which ships cars from any dealership or auction to your doorstep.


  • Transport in open and enclosed spaces, 
  • Door-to-Door shipping
  • Expedited shipping
  • International shipping



If you want peace of mind in knowing that your price won’t increase after booking, then Sherpa Auto Transport is the best car shipping company for you. The broker offers a wide range of shipping services.

This business provides accurate pricing and excellent communication throughout the shipping process, unlike most auto transport companies.

Across 48 states, all auto carriers are required to carry $100,000 in cargo insurance and $1 million in commercial auto liability insurance.

Why Sherpa Auto Transport?

There is one main difference between Sherpa Auto Transport and other car shipping companies, namely the Price Lock Promise. This guarantee ensures your rate won’t change after you receive an estimate.

 Sherpa makes it easy to plan transportation ahead since it is common for quotes to increase in the industry. 

The Clean Car Guarantee offered by Sherpa Auto Transport reimburses you for the cost of car washing after your vehicle arrives.


  • Open Auto Transport
  • Enclosed car Transport 
  • Door-to-Door shipment 
  • expedited car shipping
  • Free Car Washing



AmeriFreight offers multiple levels of extra insurance protection for peace of mind while your car is on a trailer.  AmeriFreight is one of the top auto shipping companies in the country, serving almost 50 states.

Shipping a car with AmeriFreight is a smart choice. The company has excellent customer reviews, offers extra coverage in case your car gets damaged, and offers tons of discounts.

Despite its lack of online quotes and GPS tracking capabilities, AmeriFreight has numerous advantages to counterbalance its weaknesses. AmeriFreight also provides additional insurance in case of damage.

Why AmeriFreight is Different?

All carriers are carefully vetted by AmeriFreight to ensure they carry sufficient insurance. However, sometimes a carrier’s insurance may not cover certain types of damage, or its insurance deductible may be more than $200,000.

The AFTA plan from AmeriFreight offers extra insurance coverage during shipments. There are three levels of coverage to choose from.


  • Open Car Transport
  • Enclosed car shipping
  • Door-to-Door shipment
  • Terminal-to-Terminal shippings
  • Alternative Vehicle Transport
  • Expedited vehicle shipping 



Using Easy Auto Ship as a means of transport can save you up to $150 on the cost of transport. This is especially true if you plan to pay the driver cash on delivery when you receive the vehicle. 

With Easy Auto Ship, you will not need to pay for washing or detailing your vehicle if it arrives dirty. The auto carrier will also provide you with a rental car if it takes more than 14 days for the auto transport to be completed. 

Antique cars and heavy equipment are among the top items transported by the company. Easy Auto Ship carefully vets each carrier that it works with. For additional protection, Easy Auto Ship offers contingent insurance coverage options. Cargo insurance is mandatory for all carriers.

Why Easy Auto Ship?

One of the unique features of Easy Auto Ship is that the company will pay for a rental car if your shipment takes longer than 14 days from pickup to delivery. If your car arrives dirty, Easy Auto Ship will also pay for a car wash after drop-off.

You may also be able to get a substantial discount by paying with cash. Drivers appreciate receiving cash on delivery. 


  • Open and Enclosed Modes of Transportation
  • Expedited shipping
  • Door-to-Door delivery service
  • International shipping 
  • U.S. shipping



The UShip online marketplace connects customers with automobile transport companies. You can check out a company’s profile and history, and communicate with the shipper directly if you have any questions.

In its role as a marketplace, UShip does not verify carrier insurance coverage, but customers can add insurance during the confirmation process.

Why Consider UShip? 

You can get an instant quote through uShip, or create a marketplace listing to get a quote from carriers competing to win your business. Marketplace listings can cost you less because carriers compete for your business.

Our research indicates that UShip has no vetting process for the insurance coverage of its carriers and brokers.

UShip offers GPS tracking capabilities; however, not all carriers use the service since the truck driver must share location data.


  • Open and Enclosed car shipping
  • Door-to-Door shipment
  • Expedited-based shipping
  • International shipping
  • Single-car shipping

Make sure you verify the FMSCA status of any carrier you are considering by requesting their certificate of insurance.