Bring a Trailer Review: Unbiased Analysis of the Popular Car Auction Platform

bring a trailer review

Are you a car enthusiast looking for a reliable platform to buy or sell classic and collectible cars? Look no further than Bring a Trailer (BAT). In this article, we will delve into the world of Bring a Trailer, exploring its features, benefits, and how it has revolutionized the way people buy and sell cars online. Whether you’re a seasoned car collector or a first-time buyer, Bring a Trailer has something for everyone.

What is Bring a Trailer?

Bring a Trailer is an online auction platform that specializes in classic, vintage, and collectible cars. It was founded in 2007 by Randy Nonnenberg and Gentry Underwood with the goal of connecting car enthusiasts and providing a transparent marketplace for buying and selling unique vehicles. Bring a Trailer has gained immense popularity over the years and has become a go-to destination for car enthusiasts worldwide.

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How Does Bring a Trailer Work?

Bring a Trailer operates on a straightforward and user-friendly platform. Sellers can submit their vehicles for auction, providing detailed information, photographs, and any additional documentation. The Bring a Trailer team reviews each submission to ensure accuracy and authenticity before the listing goes live.

Once a listing is live, potential buyers can place bids on the vehicle. The auction typically lasts for seven days, allowing interested parties to compete for their desired car. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder becomes the proud owner of the vehicle.

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Why We Choose Bring a Trailer?

We Choose Bring a Trailer  for buying or selling classic and collectible cars. With its wide selection, transparent marketplace, engaged community, and expert insights, Bring a Trailer offers an unrivaled experience. You’ll have access to a diverse inventory of unique vehicles, all carefully reviewed for accuracy and authenticity.

The platform’s vibrant community allows you to connect with fellow enthusiasts, while expert commentary provides valuable insights. With Bring a Trailer’s exciting auction format, you can bid on your dream car and experience the thrill of competition. Trustworthy and reputable, Bring a Trailer ensures a seamless and exceptional experience for classic car enthusiasts.

Bring a Trailer Features

Bring a Trailer offers a range of features that make it a standout platform for buying and selling classic and collectible cars:

  1. Wide Vehicle Selection: Bring a Trailer boasts a vast inventory of unique vehicles, including vintage, classic, and rare cars. Whether you’re searching for a specific make and model or exploring different categories, you’ll find an extensive selection to choose from.
  2. Transparent Marketplace: Bring a Trailer maintains a transparent marketplace where listings undergo a thorough review process. This ensures accurate information, detailed descriptions, and high-quality photographs, providing buyers with a comprehensive understanding of each vehicle.
  3. Engaging Community: The platform has a vibrant community of car enthusiasts who actively engage in discussions, share experiences, and provide insights. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and allows buyers and sellers to connect with like-minded individuals.
  4. Expert Commentary: Many vehicle listings on Bring a Trailer feature expert commentary. This valuable insight provides additional context, historical information, and analysis of the vehicles, helping buyers make well-informed decisions.
  5. Auction Format: Bring a Trailer’s auction format adds excitement to the buying process. Users can participate in competitive bidding, driving up engagement and creating a dynamic atmosphere.
  6. Vehicle Inspections: Bring a Trailer offers vehicle inspection services through trusted partners. These inspections provide buyers with comprehensive assessments of a vehicle’s condition, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.
  7. Seller Services: For sellers, Bring a Trailer provides a Premium Listing service that offers professional photography, write-ups, and curated listings. This service aims to maximize exposure and attract potential buyers.
  8. Resource Center: Bring a Trailer features a resource center with useful articles, buyer’s guides, and tips to help users navigate the world of classic car buying and selling.
  9. Worldwide Accessibility: Bring a Trailer is accessible worldwide, allowing car enthusiasts from different countries to participate in auctions and explore the diverse range of vehicles available.

Bring a Trailer’s combination of an extensive vehicle selection, transparent marketplace, engaged community, expert insights, and user-friendly features make it a go-to platform for classic car enthusiasts.

Cars and Bids vs Bring a Trailer

Cars and Bids and Bring a Trailer are two prominent online platforms for buying and selling unique cars. Bring a Trailer offers a wider selection of vintage, classic, and rare vehicles, while Cars and Bids focuses more on modern enthusiast cars. Both platforms utilize an auction format, but Bring a Trailer typically has longer auction durations and offers additional seller services. Bring a Trailer also has a more established community of car enthusiasts. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences, with Bring a Trailer catering to a broader range of car collectors, while Cars and Bids caters more specifically to enthusiasts of modern performance vehicles.

Is Bring a Trailer Legit?

Yes, Bring a Trailer is a legitimate and reputable platform for buying and selling classic and collectible cars. It has been in operation since 2007 and has gained a strong reputation within the automotive community.

Bring a Trailer maintains a transparent marketplace, carefully reviewing and verifying each listing to ensure accuracy and reliability. The platform has a dedicated community of car enthusiasts, and its auction format adds excitement to the buying process. With its emphasis on transparency, trustworthiness, and engaging user experience, Bring a Trailer has established itself as a trusted and reliable platform for car enthusiasts worldwide.

Bring a Trailer Pros and Cons

bring a trailer pros and cons

Types of Vehicles at Bring a Trailer

A wide range of cars can be bought and sold in BaT. Among the vehicles are terrains, classic cars, vintage automobiles, convertibles, electric vehicles, go-carts, military vehicles, motorbikes, projects, RVs, vans, station wagons, and boats.

How does Live Bring a Trailer Auctions Work?

To ensure a successful auction, Bring a Trailer (BaT) incorporates various features. Each auction includes an informative listing, accompanied by a comprehensive photo gallery. Moreover, sellers can take advantage of additional features to enhance their auction experience.

The BaT community actively engages in discussions about each auction through the comments section. Sellers are encouraged to participate by addressing inquiries, thereby boosting bidder confidence. Potential bidders have the option to use the Contact Seller button, allowing them to ask questions, arrange viewings, or schedule test drives.

Flexibility is key during the auction process. Sellers have the liberty to lower their reserve price at any point throughout the auction, should they choose to do so. This dynamic aspect ensures that sellers have control and can adapt their strategies based on the bidding activity.

In summary, BaT auctions thrive on the combination of informational listings, engaging community discussions, interactive seller-buyer communication, and the flexibility to adjust reserve prices, all contributing to successful and satisfying auction experiences.

BaT Car Selling Process

The complete selling process is stated below in he steps
Step 1: Vehicle Submission

“Select Your Service Level and Easily List Your Vehicle: Fill out the Submission Form and Upload Photos”

Experience seamless vehicle listing by choosing from three service levels offered on our platform:

  1. Classic Service: Our auction specialists craft a custom listing for a seven-day auction as part of our classic service.
  2. Plus Service: Enjoy the added advantage of professional vehicle photography included in the Plus service. Plus listings remain on the site for a duration of seven to 21 days. Expect top-notch quality and professionalism in the captivating photos featured on Bring a Trailer.
  3. White-Glove Service: For significant cars and collections, our dedicated concierge takes care of the entire selling process, provided you meet the qualifications. Connect with a Bring a Trailer representative to express your interest in selling. With the Classic service, you review and approve your listing, while Bring a Trailer handles scheduling the auction. If you opt for the Plus service, Bring a Trailer arranges the vehicle’s photoshoot, while most of the process remains the same.

Choose your preferred service level, complete the submission form, and effortlessly list your vehicle with us today.

Step 2: Inspection of the Car

You must submit maintenance logs, vehicle histories, and service records if your car is approved. Then an expert in auctions creates an accurate listing for the car.

Step 3:Collecting Details of Car

They devote many days to detailing and photographing the vehicle for each sale ad in order to present it in the best possible light. Every listing includes a video that puts the buyer in control.

Step 4: Listings on BaT

Every client receives regular updates, responses to inquiries, and live auction monitoring. If the auction reserve is satisfied at the conclusion of the listing (or if there is no reserve), Bring a Trailer gives you and the winning bidder each other’s contact information.

Following that, you can arrange for the straight completion of the transaction and car shipping. Also providing assistance at this stage is Bring a Trailer. If the reserve is not met during the auction, it still gives you the highest bidder’s contact information.

BaT Car Buying Process

Discover a seamless car buying experience on the Bring a Trailer website, where you can access a range of features and services

Car buying process
Step 1: Bring a Credit Card

You may ask sellers questions, leave comments on listings, make a watchlist, and set up email and smartphone alerts by creating a community account, which calls for an email address.

You must create a bidder/seller account in order to buy an automobile. You must keep a credit card on file for this account and enter your full name, address, and contact information.

Step 2: Win the Auction

On Bring a Trailer, auctions normally last seven days, however certain premiums (a more exclusive auction level intended for nicer cars) last fourteen days. Bidders are permitted to study the vendor and submit inquiries during this time.

If you’re placing a bid on a vehicle, pay close attention to the auction’s final hours and minutes. Usually, the winning bid at the end of the auction time is the highest one.

Step 3: Pay Auction Fees

After the auction concludes, a 5 percent fee is assessed to the successful bidder. So you would pay $2,500 to purchase a $50,000 automobile.

Automatic payment discourages inconsiderate bidders, especially when the price is over six figures.

Step 4: Pay For The Car

An automated introduction between the buyer and seller, complete with names and addresses, is made after a winning auction bid.

Payment arrangements are negotiated in secret between the parties. Bring a Trailer provides pointers and counsel but is not a party to the transaction.

Step 5: Get Your Car.

The shipping arrangements between a buyer and seller can range from in-person pickup to door-to-door auto delivery. Buyers and sellers can get recommendations for transport companies through Bring a Trailer.

How Much Does Bring a Trailer Charge?

Bring a Trailer charges fees for both sellers and buyers. Here is an overview of the fees associated with using Bring a Trailer:

Listing Fee

Sellers are required to pay a non-refundable listing fee when submitting their vehicle for auction. The listing fee varies depending on the value of the vehicle.

Seller’s Fee

If a vehicle successfully sells on Bring a Trailer, the seller is responsible for paying a seller’s fee based on the final sale price. The fee structure is tiered, with higher-priced vehicles incurring a higher fee.


Bring a Trailer has emerged as a trusted and reputable platform for buying and selling classic and collectible cars. Its user-friendly interface, transparent auction process, and engaging community make it a top choice for car enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, Bring a Trailer provides a reliable and exciting platform to explore, bid, and connect with fellow car enthusiasts.


Is Bring a Trailer available worldwide?

Yes, Bring a Trailer is accessible worldwide, allowing car enthusiasts from different countries to participate in auctions.

Are all the vehicles on Bring a Trailer in running condition?

Bring a Trailer hosts a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from fully functional to project cars. The condition of each vehicle is clearly stated in the listing.

What fees are associated with selling a car on Bring a Trailer?

Bring a Trailer charges a listing fee and a seller’s fee based on the final sale price of the vehicle. The specific fees can be found on Bring a Trailer’s website.

Can I arrange shipping for a vehicle purchased on Bring a Trailer?

Yes, buyers can arrange shipping for the vehicles they purchase on Bring a Trailer. Bring a Trailer provides resources and recommendations for reputable shipping services.

Is Bring a Trailer only for vintage cars?

While Bring a Trailer is known for its collection of vintage and classic cars, it also features modern and unique vehicles that appeal to a broader range of car enthusiasts.

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