Bring a trailer review

Bring a Trailer Review

Bring a trailer review

Bring a Trailer has become a dominant force in the online classic and enthusiast car market. Its unique auction format and curated selection have attracted a passionate community of buyers and sellers, making it a platform worth considering for anyone seeking a unique and exciting automotive experience. This review dives deep into the intricacies of Bring a Trailer, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, and providing valuable insights for both buyers and sellers.

Key Highlights

  • Bring a Trailer is an online auction platform that specializes in classic, collector, and enthusiast vehicles.
  • Buyers and sellers can browse a curated selection of vehicles and participate in auctions.
  • Bring a Trailer fostering a transparent and community-driven buying and selling experience.

What is Bring a Trailer?

Bring a Trailer is an online auction platform and community that specializes in facilitating the buying and selling of classic, collector, and enthusiast vehicles. It offers a unique experience for car enthusiasts, allowing users to list their vehicles for auction, browse a wide selection of vehicles, and participate in auctions to acquire their desired cars. The platform has gained popularity for its focus on classic cars, collector cars, hot rods, and custom vehicles, making it a preferred destination for buyers and sellers of these types of vehicles. Additionally, Bring a Trailer recently launched a mobile app to enhance the user experience, catering to the increasing trend towards mobile usage among its users

How Does it Work

Bring a Trailer is an online auction platform and community that facilitates the buying and selling of classic, collector, and enthusiast vehicles. The platform offers a unique experience for both buyers and sellers, with a focus on transparency and a community-driven approach. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how Bring a Trailer works:

Submission Process

Seller Selection: Sellers submit their vehicles through the website, providing detailed information about the vehicle and uploading photos.
Auction Team Evaluation: Bring a Trailer’s auctions team reviews the submissions to determine if the vehicle is a good fit for their audience.
Listing Creation: If accepted, Bring a Trailer works with the seller to create a comprehensive listing, including a detailed description, photo gallery, and other relevant features.

Auction Process

Auction Duration: Auctions typically run for 7 days.
Bidding: Buyers can browse and bid on vehicles during the auction period.
Sniping Protection: The auction clock extends by two minutes each time a bid is placed, ensuring a fair chance for all bidders to place their maximum bids.
Auction Close: The auction ends, and the seller is connected with the winning bidder.

Post-Auction Process

Seller-Buyer Contact: Bring a Trailer provides the seller and winning bidder with each other’s contact information.
Transaction Completion: The buyer and seller work together to complete the transaction, including arranging for shipping if necessary.

What Types of Vehicles are at Bring a Trailer

Bring a Trailer curated selection focuses on vehicles that ignite the passion of cars. This includes:

  • Classic Cars: From vintage muscle cars that defined an era to timeless European sports cars with enduring appeal, Bring a Trailer offers a wide range of classic models that hold a special place in automotive history.
  • Modern Collectibles: Newer, limited-production vehicles with high desirability also find a home on Bring a Trailer. These cars often represent the cutting edge of design and performance, capturing the imagination of modern enthusiasts.
  • Motorcycles: Classic and modern motorcycles with a focus on enthusiast models are available, catering to the thrill-seeking segment of the automotive world.
  • The Occasional Boat: While not the primary focus, Bring a Trailer occasionally features unique and collectible boats, offering a glimpse into the maritime world for passionate enthusiasts.


  • Curated Selection: Bring a Trailer boasts a meticulously curated selection of vehicles, focusing on classic cars, modern collectibles, motorcycles, and even the occasional boat. This focus ensures a high concentration of desirable and interesting vehicles, catering to a specific enthusiast audience.
  • Detailed Listings and Photography: Each listing on Bring a Trailer features high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and comprehensive history reports. This level of transparency allows potential buyers to confidently assess the condition and provenance of a vehicle before bidding.
  • Engaged Community: Bring a Trailer fosters a vibrant and knowledgeable community through its comment section. This allows potential buyers to ask questions directly to the seller and gain insights from other enthusiasts familiar with the specific model or make.
  • Competitive Bidding: The auction format encourages competitive bidding, often resulting in fair market value or even exceeding expectations for highly sought-after vehicles. This can be advantageous for sellers looking to maximize their return.
  • Streamlined Process: Bring a Trailer streamlines the buying and selling process with clear instructions, secure payment options, and a dedicated team to handle logistics and paperwork.


  • Reserve Prices: While intended to protect sellers, reserve prices can sometimes create uncertainty for buyers and potentially lead to failed auctions. Setting an unrealistic reserve can deter serious bidders.
  • Seller Fees: The seller fees on Bring a Trailer can be significant, including a flat listing fee and a percentage of the final sale price. This can be a deterrent for sellers with lower-value vehicles.
  • Time Commitment: Selling a car on Bring a Trailer requires a time commitment, particularly for preparing the listing and responding to potential buyers’ inquiries throughout the auction.
  • Potential for Flaky Bidders: While rare, there is a possibility of encountering non-serious bidders who may not follow through with the purchase after winning an auction. This can be a frustrating experience for sellers.
  • Limited Reach: Compared to larger online marketplaces, Bring a Trailer has a smaller audience, which can potentially limit the pool of interested buyers for certain vehicles.

Bring a Trailer Buying Process

Registration and Bidding: Create an account and provide credit card information for bid verification. This ensures seriousness and helps prevent fraudulent bids.
Browsing Listings: Bring a Trailer offers a curated selection, so explore the listings thoroughly. Pay close attention to descriptions, photos, and the comment section for additional insights.
Research and Due Diligence: Don’t solely rely on the listing information. Research the specific model, common issues, and market value to make informed decisions. Utilize the Bring a Trailer community by asking questions in the comments or reaching out to the seller directly.
Placing Bids: Once you’ve identified a vehicle of interest, participate in the auction by placing bids. Bring a Trailer utilizes a credit card hold system to ensure commitment and discourage non-serious bidders.
Sniping Protection: The auction clock extends by two minutes with each bid placed in the final moments, preventing last-second sniping and ensuring fair competition.
Winning the Auction: If your final bid is the highest when the auction ends, you’ve successfully purchased the vehicle.
Payment and Logistics: Bring a Trailer facilitates secure payment processing and connects buyers and sellers to arrange vehicle pickup or transport.

Bring a Trailer Selling Process

Submission: Start by submitting information about your car on the Bring a Trailer website.
Evaluation: The Bring a Trailer auction team will evaluate your submission to determine if it fits their audience.
Listing Creation: Work with Bring a Trailer to create a detailed listing for your vehicle, including a custom-written description and comprehensive photo gallery.
Approval: Once your listing is approved, pay the listing fee to start the auction process.
Auction Process: The auction typically runs for 7 days, during which potential buyers can bid on your vehicle. Bring a Trailer provides sniping protection to ensure a fair bidding process.
Post-Auction: If the auction reserve is met, Bring a Trailer connects you with the winning bidder to complete the transaction
Shipment: Arrange shipment with the buyer if needed, using an auto transport service to deliver the vehicle

Bring a Trailer Mobile App

4.1 Stars

4.0 Stars

The Bring a Trailer mobile app is a convenient tool for car enthusiasts to engage with the platform. It offers features that help organize ongoing sales and categorize searches for classic, collector, and enthusiast vehicles. The app is designed to enhance the user experience by providing a seamless way to browse, follow, and bid on auctions directly from a mobile device, catering to the increasing trend towards mobile usage among Bring a Trailer users. Additionally, the app allows users to manage their accounts, receive notifications about auctions, and access auction listings transparently without exaggerated descriptions, offering a straightforward and user-friendly interface for buyers and sellers.

What Makes Bring a Trailer Different

While other online platforms sell classic and enthusiast cars, Bring a Trailer stands out with its unique approach:

  • Focus: The curated selection and emphasis on enthusiast vehicles differentiate Bring a Trailer from more general online marketplaces, catering to a specific audience with distinct interests.
  • Community: The engaged community fosters trust and provides valuable insights not typically found on other platforms. This sense of shared passion creates a unique and supportive environment.
  • Transparency: Detailed listings and the active comment section promote transparency and informed decision-making, building trust between buyers and sellers.

Bring a Trailer Fees

Bring a Trailer charges fees to both sellers and buyers. Sellers pay a $99 listing fee, with the option to add the plus photo service for an additional $330. There are no other seller fees on Bring a Trailer. On the other hand, buyers pay a 5% fee on top of the final sale price, with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $7,500. Additionally, Bring a Trailer offers different service levels for sellers, including Classic, Plus, and White Glove, each with varying fees and services to cater to different needs and preferences

Is Bring a Trailer Right for You

Ultimately, whether Bring a Trailer is the right platform for you depends on your individual needs and priorities. However, with its unique approach and dedicated community, it has undoubtedly carved a significant niche in the online classic and enthusiast car market.


Bring a Trailer offers a unique and exciting platform for buying and selling classic and enthusiast cars. Its curated selection, detailed listings, and engaged community create a valuable experience for both buyers and sellers. However, it’s crucial to understand the associated fees, time commitment, and potential for uncertainties before engaging with the platform.

For buyers seeking a specific and desirable classic or enthusiast car, Bring a Trailer provides access to a curated marketplace with a high concentration of interesting vehicles. For sellers, it offers the potential to reach a passionate and knowledgeable audience willing to pay fair market value, but requires careful preparation and management of expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the buyer fees on Bring a Trailer?

Buyers pay a 5% fee on the final sale price, with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $7,500.

How long do Bring a Trailer auctions typically last?

Bring a Trailer auctions typically last 7 days.

Is Bring a Trailer safe to buy from?

While Bring a Trailer facilitates transactions, they cannot guarantee vehicle condition. It’s crucial to research and inspect the car thoroughly before bidding.

What are the seller fees on Bring a Trailer?

Sellers pay a minimum listing fee of $99, with the option to add a photo service for an additional cost. There are no additional commission fees.

How does the Bring a Trailer selling process work?

Briefly, you submit vehicle information, pay the listing fee, have your listing written, and the 7-day auction runs. The highest bidder wins.

Can I cancel an order after it’s placed on Bring a Trailer?

Yes, you can cancel or change your shipment before the vehicle is picked up. Contact Bring a Trailer directly for assistance.

Is Bring a Trailer Legit?

Yes, Bring a Trailer is a legitimate platform for buying and selling classic and collector cars. It has been operating since 2007 and has a strong reputation within the car enthusiast community.

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