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Established in 2006, Montway Auto Transport is a prominent player in the vehicle shipping industry, facilitating the transportation of over 100,000 vehicles annually. With its headquarters based in Schaumburg, Illinois, the company offers its services nationwide, spanning from California to New York and everywhere in between. Not only does Montway cater to domestic auto shipping needs, but it also extends its reach to international destinations, allowing customers to connect with international auto shipping carriers for extended vacations or relocations abroad.

When opting for Montway’s auto transport services, customers can enjoy the added benefit of insurance coverage included in the price. Montway provides coverage through the carrier’s insurance policy, offering protection of up to $100,000. In the event that the carrier’s insurance falls short in covering a valid claim, Montway goes the extra mile by providing supplementary cargo insurance coverage of up to $250,000.

  • More than 15,000 trusted carriers available
  • Special discounts for military personnel and repeat customers
  • Competitive pricing offered
  • Enjoy a great reputation among customers
  • x Pricing is not guaranteed.
  • x Strict cancellation policy If you cancel, there will be a minimum fee of $199.

We chose Montway Auto Transport  because it offers a convenient and affordable car shipping solution, making them a good choice for those looking for a straightforward and reliable option.

Customer Reviews

We recommend this vehicle transportation service.  Best Overall.

Montway Auto Transport has generally received positive reviews from customers. They are often praised for their professionalism, efficient service, and competitive pricing. Many customers appreciate the convenience of their online platform, which allows for easy quoting, booking, and tracking of shipments.

  1. “I recently used Montway Auto Transport to ship my car from New York to California, and I had a fantastic experience. The entire process was seamless, from booking the shipment to the delivery of my car. The communication was excellent, and the driver was professional and punctual. My car arrived in perfect condition, and I would highly recommend Montway for anyone looking for reliable and hassle-free car transport services.” – John M.

  2. “I had a great experience with Montway Auto Transport. They provided excellent customer service and kept me informed throughout the entire process. The pickup and delivery of my vehicle were on time, and my car arrived in the same condition as when it was picked up. The pricing was competitive, and I appreciated the convenience and peace of mind they provided. I would definitely use Montway again and recommend them to others.” – Sarah L.

  3. “Montway Auto Transport exceeded my expectations. I needed to transport my car from Texas to Florida, and they made the whole process effortless. The online booking was simple, and their customer service team was responsive and helpful. The driver who picked up my car was friendly and professional. My car was delivered earlier than expected, and I was impressed with the care taken to ensure its safety. I highly recommend Montway for their efficiency and reliability.” – Michael W.

  4. “I had a mixed experience with Montway Auto Transport. The booking process was smooth, and the initial communication was good. However, there were some delays in the delivery of my car, which caused inconvenience. The customer service was responsive and kept me updated, but I would have appreciated more transparency regarding the delays. In the end, my car arrived in good condition, but the overall experience could have been better. It’s a decent option for auto transport, but there might be better alternatives out there.” – Jennifer P.

Types of Car Shipping Services Offeres

Here are the names of different types of vehicles:

How does Montway Auto Transport work?

How Montway Auto Transport Stacks Up

Kia Model Notable Features
Kia Soul Unique design, practicality, good reliability ratings
Kia Sportage Compact SUV, solid reliability, comfortable ride
Kia Sorento Midsize SUV, spacious interior, strong safety features
Kia Optima (Now known as Kia K5) Comfortable sedan, good fuel economy
Kia Forte Compact sedan, value for money, reliable performance
Kia Niro Hybrid crossover, excellent fuel efficiency, reliability
Kia Telluride Large SUV, upscale interior, impressive reliability

What Services do Montway Auto Transporrt Offer?

Montway Auto Transport offers door-to-door vehicle transportation service. The driver will pick up the vehicle either from your doorstep or the nearest open parking lot. Similarly, the car will be delivered at the doorstep or the nearest open parking lot or road. The google reviews for Montway auto transport also praise their door-to-door service. 

Montway open auto transport service uses an open car carrier. This type of car carrier can transport 10 vehicles at a time. Open auto transport is available sooner and generally costs less. 

Montway enclosed auto transport service is suitable when you want to protect your vehicle from sun, dust, and wind. If you have an expensive or luxury car, enclosed auto transport may be a better option for you. 

Montway offers an expedited vehicle transport service. An expedited car transport service delivers your car in a short time. 

You can also send your personal luggage of up to 100 lbs in the trunk for free. 

You will keep receiving updates about the location of your car. If you want to transport your car immediately, Montway expedited car transport is for you. 

You can get your car shipping to Hawaii from the mainland, or from the mainland to Hawaii, with Montway. 

Montway auto transport Hawaii is a fully insured, door-to-port car shipping to Hawaii that delivers your car in as few as 8 days. 

Montway Hawaii car shipping from the mainland can take longer for different pickup or delivery points on both sides. You will need to take a custom quote for your car shipping.

Montway Auto Transport State Availability

Excellent Credit (720 and above) 3.00% - 4.00%
Good Credit (660 - 719)4.00% - 6.00%
Fair Credit (600 - 659)6.00% - 8.00%
Poor Credit (Below 600)8.00% - 12.00%

How much does Montway car shipping cost?

Car Shipping Route Shipping Option Montway Auto Transport Cost Quote
Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California
Door-to-door open shipping
$899 ($859 with cash discount)
Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California
Door-to-door enclosed shipping
$899 ($859 with cash discount)
Raleigh, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida
Door-to-door open shipping
$719 ($689 with cash discount)
Raleigh, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida
Door-to-door enclosed shipping
$1,109 ($1,079 with cash discount)

Factors That Affect Car Shipping Costs

Cancellation Fees

Montway Auto Transport charges a minimum cancellation fee of $199 if a customer cancels a shipment after it has been accepted by a carrier. Fees may vary depending on the circumstances.

Average Cost for Montway Auto Transport 

Montway auto transport offers car shipping and car transportation services to all 50 states. Their car carrier network is wide and versatile. Montway works with over 15,000 car carriers around the country. 

Thanks to the many car carrier choices, they are able to offer competitive rates.

Montway Car Transport Cost Per Mile 

As we discussed earlier, the cost per mile for car transport can vary due to many reasons. Montway Auto Transport says these are their average cost per mile. 

  • $1.96/mile for short distances under 500 miles 
  • $0.93/mile for 500-1500 miles distance 
  • $0.58/ mile for distances over 1500 miles 

These are only average costs. Your cost for car shipping may be different. Always ask for a quote before decision.

Table for Montway Average per mile Cost

Under 500 miles Car Transport 500-1500 miles Car Transport Over 1500 miles Car Transport
$1.96 per mile
$0.93 per mile
$0.58 per mile

Is Montway Auto Transport Right for You?

Some of the most affordable rates in the auto shipping market are provided by Montway Auto Transport.

Montway can be a great option for an auto shipping brokerage as long as you don’t need to ship an RV or a yacht together with your other automobiles. Consider getting in touch with a local vehicle shipper if you’d prefer to engage a business that handles the shipping itself. You might have to pay more, though.

Fine Print

If you’re facing time constraints and wish to avoid the additional cost of expedited shipping, it’s important to note that Montway does not provide guaranteed delivery dates. The company operates within a one to five-day timeframe, which means you may need to consider renting a vehicle from a car rental company for a few days. As a general rule, it is advisable to book your vehicle shipment well in advance.

When utilizing Montway or other auto shippers, it is likely that the price you pay will exceed the original quote. According to customer reviews, individuals have reported paying higher prices due to the increasing cost of fuel. While Montway has earned a reputable standing over the years, it is important to remember that the company acts as a brokerage. Consequently, the success of your auto shipping experience also relies on the dependability of the auto carrier Montway arranges for you.


Montway auto transport is a broker. They book your car for transport and then assign it to a car carrier. However, they have a network of more than 15,000 car carriers around the country.

Montway Auto Transport is a legit company. They are in the business of car transport for over 16 years and their customers and services portfolio is impressive. Stellar reviews for Montway Auto Transport show that they deliver a satisfactory job almost always.

Montway Auto Transport has its head office in Schaumburg, Illinois. They offer a toll-free contact for easy access.

Montway Auto Transport enjoys exceptional customer satisfaction scores online. Montway has over 7000 online reviews and the collective satisfaction score is 4.6+. This is overwhelming evidence that Montway Auto Transport is a good choice for car transportation across the country.

Montway military discount offers car transportation services to servicemen and veterans at a discount. Get Montway military discount by asking for it in the quote or on their helpline.


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