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Montway Auto Transport: Reviews & Cost | 2023 Guide

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Montway Auto Transport at a Glance

Montway Auto Transport is an experienced and one of the most trusted car transportation companies. Montway auto transport is undoubtedly one of the best in business.

Let’s take a bird’s eye review of Montway Auto Transport. 

Description Company Information
Carrier or Broker
Basic Insurance Coverage
Service Area
Customer Feedback Score
No. of Years in Business

Montway Auto Transport Reviews

Montway Transport Reviews are full of praises for the cheap rates, timely services, and efficient customer support. Occasionally, they have also received bad reviews but the bad reviews are very few and negligible. However, we have included some reviews for both good and bad experiences. 

Link the feedback and reviews but the full review should be read without leaving the website.

Montway is by far the best shipping company we have used, and we have moved with the military 22 times in 32 years. We highly recommend them and will use them again in the future!

Peter Keough

Another great job delivering my motorcycles. This is my second time using Montway and I was not disappointed. Both bikes arrived very quickly and with no damage.

Brian Kuchay

This is my first time ever relying on a vehicle transport company. Montway’s service and human touch were phenomenal. 10/10 recommendation from their staff to their drivers.

Angel Ortiz-Martinez

    Montway Top Car Transportation Routes

    Montway Auto Transport operates in all 50 states including Hawaii. Montway has a wide network of car carriers and drivers enabling it to offer car shipping services almost everywhere. Montway auto transport is one of the top candidates for the ‘best company to ship a car across the country’.

    Here are Montway’s Top Car Transport routes and averages prices for the shipping on these routes.

    Top Routes

    What are this montway auto transport’s most common rates and how does it cost to transport a car?

    No. Route Count Rating Avr. Price
    California to Texas
    164 Moves
    5 Star
    California to Florida
    160 Moves
    5 Star
    Texas to California
    143 Moves
    5 Star
    Florida to California
    139 Moves
    5 Star
    Illinois to California
    138 Moves
    5 Star
    California to California
    100 Moves
    5 Star
    California to Illinois
    85 Moves
    5 Star

    How much does Montway Auto Transport Cost?

    Montway Auto Transport prices are on the cheaper side. Their car shipping rates are competitive. 

    We have samples quote for one car shipping route for Montway for two vehicles and car carrier types. Montway auto shipping quotes are cheaper. 

    You may find very cheap car shipping quotes online, but those quotes are mostly from the car carriers themselves. Car brokers, like Montway Auto Transport and AutoStar Auto Transport,  are faster with better communication and are generally a better choice. 

    Shipping Distance Vehicle Open or Enclosed Montway Quote
    Los angeles to houston
    Toyota RVA4 SUV
    BMW 7-Series Sedan

    Montway Auto Transport cost factors


    Your location affects your car shipping price. If you live in a big city or near a freeway, your quote for car transportation will be cheaper. When drivers have to go out of their way, they will charge you a higher price. That is why the rural areas away from the freeways or main roads will be the most expensive for car transportation or vehicle transportation. 


    Summer months of June, July, and August are high-traffic months. Many people chose summer for vacation, relocation, etc. Also, students come home in June and go back to campus in August. All these factors add to the increase in seasonal movement. 

    There is more demand for vehicle transport in the summer and January. The auto transport quotes and prices will rise. However, you can save money by off-season car shipping. 

    Delivery Time Frame 

    If you want your car shipped quickly, you will have to pay a higher price for that. 

    For getting a good rate, try booking a car transport service at least 2 weeks ahead. If you contact car shipping companies in the last 48 hours, you will get very pricey quotes. 

    Transport Type

    There are two types of car carriers, open car carriers and closed car carriers. 

    Open car carriers carry more vehicles at a time and are generally cheaper. Most cars are transported on open car carriers. 

    Closed car carriers save your car from dust, bugs, rain, and any other effects of weather. Closed car carriers are expensive and suitable for expansive vehicles, classic cars, modified cars, or luxury cars. 

    Vehicle Modification 

    Some vehicle modifications change the shape, size, or weight of a vehicle significantly. Car carries calculate capacity at factory standards. If your car is modified, you are more likely to get high-priced car shipping quotes. 

    Vehicle Weight and Size 

    Like all other car transportation companies, Montway car transport will charge you more if your vehicle is bigger. For example, a Honda civic transportation will cost more than a Ford truck. 

    Personal Items 

    You can send 100 pounds of personal items in the car trunk. However, if your car does not have a trunk, it is better to not send anything in the car. Some customers say that the driver demanded more money when they saw personal items in the car. 


    Why we Recommend Montway Auto Transport

    Montway Auto Transport is one of the most recommended car shipping companies. We have gone through their reviews and customer feedback. Here is why they stand out.

    GPS Tracking 

    Montway Car Transport offers GPS car tacking for some auto transportation jobs. For offering GPS tracking, the car carrier must agree to be tracked. 

    Most car carriers don’t like to be tracked. Still, Montway managed to partner with some 300 GPS-enabled car carriers. However, Montway car transport may not be able to offer GPS tracking on all car transportation jobs. 

    Online Chat

    Montway car transportation offers online chat, you can contact them 24/7. 

    Montway online chat is useful in many ways. You can request a quote, ask questions about the current order or quote or chat with the agent to know about their policies. You can easily access it on their website. 

    Good reputation online 

    Montway auto transport reviews display an impressive reputation for its vehicle transportation services. Montway has received over 54,000 online reviews on all platforms and its satisfaction score is over 4.6. 

    A good reputation is a social proof of quality service. Montway auto transport has over 16 years of experience in the industry. Sustaining such good esteem for so many years is not easy and Montway has earned it. 

    Insurance coverage 

    Montway Auto Transport offers free insurance coverage for your vehicle transportation. Insurance coverage is included in your vehicle shipping quote. 

    Though this is not a distinction of Montway, insurance coverage gives you protection against any accident on the way. 

    Door-to-door delivery 

    Montway auto transport offers door-to-door delivery. Montway will pick up your car from your door, or the closet open parking or road and deliver the car in the same way, at the doorstep or nearest to your home. You won’t have to make much effort to load or receive your car. 

    Door-to-door delivery is better than terminal-to-terminal delivery in many ways. You save time and hassle with door-to-door delivery. 

    Ship Personal Items of upto 100 lbs for Free

    Montway Auto Transport lets you send 100 pounds of your personal items in the car trunk at no extra cost. However, they advise keeping your personal items in the trunk. 

    Montway is a broker and works with car carriers. Some customers report that the driver demanded extra money for personal items when they could see them. That’s why Montway suggests keeping personal items hidden in the trunk. 

    How to ship your vehicle with Montway

    Reviews of Montway Auto transport often include high praise for the easy car shipping process. The easy car transportation process makes car shipping effortless for new customers. Here is how you can ship your vehicle with Montway Auto Transport.

    Book Car Transport 

    The first step is to book your car transport. Once you have booked Montway car shipping on their website, you will know the pickup and delivery rates, and the price. 

    Ready your Car 

    Ready your car for pick up by removing anything that may toss and damage your car. You can also clean your car before shipping but it is not recommended. Your car may get dirty during the car transportation. 

    Take many photos of your car before pick up. When your car is delivered, compare these photos with your car to check for any transit damages. 

    Get Car Picked up

    Montway car transport makes its drivers contact you before car pick up. Mostly, drivers will call you one hour before car pick up. 

    Montway offers door-to-door car transport. The driver will either reach your doorstep or will request you to bring your car to the nearest main road or parking lot. The car loading process needs open space. Shortly after your car is picked up, you will start getting GPS tracking information. 

    Be Ready for Possible Delays 

    car transportation is prone to delays. Bad weather and traffic problems are the most common causes of delays. You may have to wait for your car delivery. 

    Receive your Car 

    Your car will be delivered to your doorstep or the nearest open spot. You, or someone else on your behalf, will need to sign the Bill of Lading. Make sure to check your car to see if the transport has damaged your car in any way. Compare your car photos taken before pickup with the current condition of your car.

    If there is damage to your car, your free insurance will cover the cost of the damages.

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