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Top 6 Car Shipping Companies in the UK

Many people ship cars from one location to another and finding one that is reliable out of the numerous companies available can be a challenge. Therefore, you must ensure that you choose the right company for the job.

The responsibility of trusting a shipping company with the relocation of your vehicle is a big one. Our experts are here to help you select one of the most reliable companies for quality services and competitive prices.

Listed below are the Top 6 UK shipping companies that offer auto shipping in Uk as well as internationally. Based on customer reviews, delivery speed, cost, our personal experiences, and the myriad of benefits.

Among the UK’s largest shipping companies that also ship internationally for the UK to 114 countries., Auto Shippers offers different car shipping options.

In addition to everyday automobiles and motorhomes, the 32 operations staff have experience shipping tractors and motorhomes as well as everything in between.


Many car manufacturers prefer the innovative method, where vehicles are loaded onto special racks. 

R-Rak shipping is available only for shipments between the UK and the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Cyprus. It allows up to four saloon cars to be safely stored in a standard shipping container.

Shipping Process:

You can choose between

  • RoRo(roll-off, roll-on)
  • Container delivery Options,
  • Cutting-edge R-Rak shipping.
  • Global services (United States to New Zealand)



In the UK, Ship My Car is a go-to service when it comes to importing cars into the country. They aim to provide a safer and faster shipping service than other companies.

Ship My Car is a company specializing in helping you ship your new, old, or classic car from abroad to the UK as quickly and safely as possible.


As one of the UK’s leading providers of vehicle imports, ShipMyCar has the expertise, skills, and connections of technicians and shipping agents to offer “unbeatable prices” on International car shipping.

It is their goal to get your vehicle to you in the shortest time possible and at an unbeatable price.


Using the latest technology, the company: 

  • Keeps Customers Up to Date
  • Get an Estimate of the Cost of your Shipment
  • Providing Total Transparency
  • ShipMyCar’s Client Portal
  • Tracking Status
  • Get an Instant Quote
  • Shipping Calculator

With over three decades of experience in the shipping industry, Car Shipping Made Simple is a UK-based shipping company that provides fast and secure shipping to destinations all over the world, as well as quality service to make sure that your shipping experience is as straightforward and easy as possible.


A friendly staff is here to help you every step of the way. Offer shipping services to the UK from Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and the USA.


With Car Shipping Made Simple, you don’t have to 

  • Compromise the quality of their door-to-door
  • International Shipping Services
  • Offer weekly departures with fast connections to worldwide destinations
  • Safe and Secure
  • Container Shipping.

We at CARS strive to transport your car from the UK to your chosen destination while keeping safety in mind. 

They work hard to make sure that your car gets to your chosen destination in proper condition and that you can depend on their expertise.

With a network of agents all over the world, they can provide car shipping services to any country in the world.


As a leading transport company with offices in the UK, the US, Japan, and the Middle East, they are able to offer you:

  • Excellent Marine insurance.
  • Door-to-Door Transport Services
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Work directly with Customs
  • Ensure Smooth Transport


With CARS, you receive

  • Specialist International Car Shipping Services
  • Luxury and Classic Cars Shipment
  • Skilled Mechanics
  • Deliver Cars on Time.

Shift A Car has been helping individuals and businesses move their cars for more than a decade. They offer vehicle shipping services at competitive prices and in a timely manner.

With over 36,000 vehicle movements under their belt since 2007, Shift A Car has developed expertise in what they do. There are many factors to consider when transporting vehicles, but with them on your side, you won’t have to.


Auto Shipping in every form No matter if it’s  

  • (Roll-on, Roll-off) RORO
  • Container shipping, or
  • Shared container
  • shipping, provide
  • International shipping in every form.


The company is confident that what they do isn’t comparable to what its competitors do. That’s why they’re able to provide you with 

  • An Incredible Guarantee – if the movement fails to occur as promised, you won’t be charged.
  • Delivering Safely and Securely,
  • Fully Insured and Verified
  • Customers Trust for Delivering High levels of Quality Communication Skills
  • Reliability on a Daily Basis (Business and Private Clients)

The UShip online marketplace connects customers with automobile transport companies. You can check out a company’s profile and history, and communicate with the shipper directly if you have any questions.

In its role as a marketplace, UShip does not verify carrier insurance coverage, but customers can add insurance during the confirmation process.


Each uniformed driver is CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualified and has been carefully selected for their driving ability and customer service skills.

Take immense pride in the appearance of the trucks, which undergo rigorous six-week checks according to VOSA standards. They are always well-presented with their white and blue paintwork.


McLaughlin is one of the well-known companies and provides multifarious services to customers like:

  • Timely and urgent deliveries
  • Vehicle leasing and rental
  • Multi and single-vehicle transporters
  • Attention and Care for the Personnel
  • Nationwide Vehicle Transport Service
  • Delivery of vehicles with Trade Plates
  • Car transport for classic cars
  • Fleet delivery service

When shipping a car, consider these factors:

Prior to shipping your car abroad, you should consider import laws, taxes, and in some cases, vehicle quarantine.

Aside from these factors, you will also need to decide how you want to ship your car overseas. The two main methods are:


During RORO shipping, your car will be driven onto a specially designed car deck, shipped, and then driven back off at the other end.


In general, shipping cars takes between two and ten weeks, depending on your destination. If you prefer, you can load your car into a shipping container with other household items.


LCL shipments are used when RORO service is not available at that location. These are usually placed in a 40ft container with other vehicles. This service covers many different ports and ensures your goods are safely transported.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, the destination and route, your preferred shipping method, the time of year, and whether or not you drive your car to and from the port yourself, the cost of UK car shipping will vary.


It is a must to have marine insurance for your car while it is at sea, as well as on-land insurance when it leaves the ship, for complete peace of mind. Make sure you have comprehensive documentation for your vehicle and cover total loss, theft, and damage.


It is important to remember that you may have to pay additional charges to ship your car. These charges include car transport tax or import duties, which can be as much as 30% if VAT is included.


All these factors and many more others play an important role in shipping your vehicle to other places, So it’s always recommended to choose wisely when looking for a shipping company keeping in mind, all the aspects of each company 

Although we have compiled the Top UK auto shipping companies for you, It’s your decision to choose from them and compare each for better shipment quality.